Archery (Book One, Card 18)

In indigenous tribes a young boy identified not only with his father but also with his father’s family bravest warriors. Before he could walk, he learned to ride a horse. He was supposed to ride a horse by the time he was four or five years old. He was given a small bow and arrows when he was around five or six years old. Since his father and other warriors were often on raids and hunts, a boy was often taught to ride and shoot by his grandparents. His grandfather even taught him about his childhood, as well as Comanche’s history and legends. Boys were held in high regard because they would grow up to be warriors and could die young in battle. A young man went on his first buffalo hunt as he reached manhood. His father rewarded him with a feast if he killed anything. A young man was only permitted to go to war after proving himself on a buffalo hunt.