Straight Arrow 1

Indian Horse Recognition

Among the toughest American Indian horses, with strong legs and feet, is the Palomino, a distinct, golden colored horse with a white tail and mane. It may have white socks and white star, line or flare on its face but it lacks white spots above knees. The Paint is a black, brown, white and any other colored horse. The Appaloosa is a white horse with black and white or brown and white spots on it, characterized by a colored rump. The Pinto is distinguished by having brown and white spots while the Piebald is characterized by having black and white spots.

Straight Arrow Story- Straight Arrow

Steve Adams is apparently the owner of a cattle farm but whenever injustices rises and the innocent people are in danger, he appears as a costumed, painted face Comanche, riding on Fury, the Palomino, and fights for them.

Steve Adams: Owner of cattle farm, straight arrow
Packy: Steve’s close associate
Osages, Kiowa, Comanche: tribes
Henderson: Lieutenant
Deegan: Colonel
Yellow Dog: A disloyal Osage

Some miles away from the fort Despair was a Cholla- Dotted slope, where the war cry of the Osages merged with the explosive riffles of army Spencer. Quartermaster’s wagons dashed towards the embankment. The war arrows were everywhere in the air. Lieutenant Henderson shouted that they will have to leave their wagons to reach the fort Despair. Eventually, the soldiers saw that the Osages were stealing their supplies. The soldiers rushed towards the fort. Seeing this, Steve said to Packy that that they are going to have beef for army for two weeks. Packy thought he was just being fancy but Steve explained to him that Lieutenant Henderson have left their supplies for something better than this.
One the other hand, the Osages tricked the lieutenant and claimed that Kiowa are the thieves. The lieutenant talked about giving Kiowa a lesson on which Steve showed him the arrow and affirmed that it belongs to Osages, not Kiowa. He said that Comanche will support Kiowa if they will be attacked without a reason. Later Steve caught the yellow dog, an Indian scout who was aiming to shoot him.

Steve asked Packy to keep an eye on Lieutenant Deegan and heads towards sundown valley. Packy asked him to warn the Kiowa as straight arrow, as they will listen to him instantly. On the other hand Deegan had already set off from fort Despair to Kiowa village. Steve went to his secret cave and appeared out as straight arrow, on his Palomino, Fury. Straight arrow reached there and tells a Kiowa member the whole story, who replied that none of the warriors had left the tent. Straight arrow advised him to find that solider or at least try to convince colonel Deegan.

Straight arrow and Kiowa representative reached colonel and told him that Kiowa has not stolen their supplies. They insisted to abstain from war meanwhile they will find the real thief. On the other side, Osages raided colonel army again. This raid made colonel fiercer for war with Kiowa; he imprisoned straight arrow and Palomino to refrain them from warning the Kiowa. Packy found straight arrow with Palomino and freed them from prison. Straight arrow rushed to Kiowa and gathered everyone to warn them about Deegan’s army reaching there. Straight arrow helped Kiowa warriors find Osages betrayers. A fight took place and soon Osages surrendered. They accepted that they stole the supplies and soldier’s pay and told that it was yellow dog’s idea. Soon Packy and lieutenant Deegan arrived with his army. Straight arrow told him the whole incident. Deegan smiled and apologized for his stupidity. He learned humility from the whole incidence.
Lodge Pole Lore

The medicine man was popular for his tricks. One of his tricks was to shoot a warrior with arrow and then bring him back to life by certain magical spells and passing hands across the chest of dead man. He never unveiled that his arrow smashes as soon as it comes in contact with the victim, and leaves animal’s blood on him.
The travois was a mode of transportation for Indians living in Plains. It was made by tree trunks binded with sinews and hanging on the ground, carried by animals. The Indians used to transport their goods or war equipments on it. The travois was easy to assemble and disassemble.
Indian’s war shield was made by buffalo hide. It was round, small, beautifully decorated. The smaller the shield, the braver the solider was and vice versa.

Straight Arrow Story- Roaring River

River queen: Paddle wheeler
Josh Crayley: Captain of river queen
Steve Adams: Straight Arrow
Packy: Steve’s close associate
Snake and Bart: thieves
Mesquite Molly: Housekeeper

The River queen was a paddle wheeler made by Josh Crayley. It was used for travelling purpose by all types of people. The cries of people could be heard saying that river queen is breaking apart. Captain Josh ran towards it to save it. Meanwhile, Steve Adams riding on his horse came near Captain Josh and pulled him on his horse to get him to the river queen in less time. Captain Josh rescued the river queen from saw-tooth junction. Steve saddled it till captain gets aboard.

Two men Snake and Bart were aiming to get the river queen and rob the shipment on it. They planned to go to the town to make it all happen. On the other hand, Packy asked Steve why he was worried. He told him that he is having a feeling something troublesome is going to happen. While they were riding, Steve and Packy came across Snake and Bart. They heard them talk about fifty thousand cash. Steve could sense their wrong intentions. He kicked them out of his land. Steve asked Packy to keep an eye on them. After some hours of following, Packy saw these two men robbing the cargo. Now he agreed with Steve that these men were road agents. Eventually one of those men saw Packy and attacked him. Soon straight arrow arrived, riding on his palomino, Fury. Straight arrow rescued Packy who told him that the road agents are heading towards the hills now. But snake and Bart headed towards willow bend and as soon as captain josh was about to abroad, the two men jumped onto the river queen.
Packy and Steve on the other hand figured out through the hints that the two men must have gone towards river queen. They hurried towards the river queen. Meanwhile mesquite Molly heard the two men talk about fifty thousand cash. She rushed to tell captain about this. One of the two men decided that if captain tried to stop them, he will turn the ship towards saw-tooth junction.
Steve riding on his horse, landed into the river queen. He thought to fight without gun. The captain was shot and now everyone was afraid they are going to die but Steve gave captain cold water and supported him so he can steer the river queen in another direction. Finally, the captain succeeded, they were all saved, the money was drawn back and Steve left snake and Bark for Sheriff.

Tales of the Tipi (White Comanche)

Pahawka: war chief
Cynthia Ann Parker: white skinned, yellow haired Comanche, wife of Peta Nokona
Peta Nokona: Comanche war chief, husband of Cynthia Ann Parker
Quanah: Son of Cynthia and Peta
Wakea: daughter of chief
Ekioticup: a rich man

The white Comanche is a story about the wild and lawless reign when Comanche and Kiowa used to raid areas. In one such raid they caught Cynthia Ann Parker with the aim of making her a good Comanche. Years passed, Cynthia grew older and was married to Peta. They both loved each other. Soon they were blessed with a son whom they names Quanah. He was very skillful. Peta wanted him to fight when he grows a little older; he wished to be Quanah’s war chief himself. Quanah was only twelve years old when his father died. His mother was sent back to her tribe. Quanah decided to not to die of starving. Quanah and Wakea loved each other. Quanah was poor and he feared he would lose her. So he, along with Quanah went on raiding places. Since he was skillful, he succeeded inn every raid. In this was he became rich. On the other hand, Ekioticup set on a journey to bring Wakea back to her father. When he reached there, Wakea told her she is going to marry Quanah as he has become richer than Ekioticup. Quanah asked him to go back and talk to Wakea’s father in their favor, make place for Quanah and Wakea in Comanche villages. Quanah continued raiding and became even richer, he joined hands with white people with the reference of her mother and was known as the white Comanche.

Timmy takes the Trail

Timmy: Packy’s son
Packy: Timmy’s father, Steve’s close associate
Steve: Straight arrow
Mesquite: Housekeeper
Sheriff: Policeman

Packy had trained his son, Timmy very well. One day he found two men talking ferociously and in low tone about the gold dust shipment. Timmy heard one of them saying; tomorrow at eleven o clock, and that they have got everything they need. This incident alarmed Timmy and he realized that these men are stage robbers. He talked about it with Packy at night who took him to Sheriff the next day. Sheriff took Packy and Timmy to the stagecoach. He told them that no passenger is going along the shipment, only the guards and driver will be going. Anyhow they thanked Sheriff for the warning. Packy headed off for shopping and asked Timmy to go meet his friends. Timmy was still in doubt so he hid behind the big Concord stage. Two hours after the stage had started, an explosion occurred. All the people were safe. Timmy dived out, took a gun from driver’s holster and aimed at the running men. He made several gun shots around the two men. He was frightened and was assuming he will be caught now. Soon he heard a voice saying don’t shoot again. It was Packy, he was proud of his son Timmy for catching thieves.

Straight Arrow Story- Apache Vengeance

Timmy: Packy’s son
Packy: Steve’s close associate
Steve: Straight arrow
Jonas Tate: Oxbow ranch’s owner
Carew: White man
Hodenao: An Apache

Apaches enjoyed raiding and then selling people back to their families. Once they captured a white man. After some days, Jonas Tate was passing by when an Apache asked him to buy white men and women in exchange for horses. This made him angry and he spoke aggressively with Apaches. The wife of white man got frightened and begged to stop otherwise they will kill her husband. On the other hand Steve and Packy were hunting a cougar, who tried to attack Packy but Steve saved him. Soon they both heard Apache drums beating. Steve could sense that these drums were a call for war. He transformed into straight arrow and headed towards the Apaches. Meanwhile Apaches caught the chief of Apaches. When Steve reached Apaches village, he was told the whole incident. He was told that they want revenge. Straight arrow asked for a chance to help the Apaches as he friend of the red people. The Apaches agreed and followed straight arrow so they can fight if straight arrow failed to bring the chief back. When he went there Jonas Tate told him that he will release the chief as soon as he gets him rid of Carew and his family. When Steve failed to bring him back, he told Packy to follow Jonas and make a trail for them to reach there too. In the meantime Steve told apaches the intentions of Jonas and asked him to follow the trial to reach him. Soon they reached there, caught Jonas and fined him. The Apaches promised they won’t raid people from now onwards.

Straight Arrow- Archery

Hold the center of bow with left hand. Then, insert arrow perpendicular to the string. While loading, face it towards the ground. Face your left side of body towards target. The arrow is held between first two fingers, on the bow. Remember, arrow is to be aimed at the target. The odd colored father of the arrow should be up. Place your arm in line with the arrow, right hand along cheek and the bow drawn across chest. Feet should be away from each other and should line up with the target. Strong nerves and good judgment are required to become a sniper.