Barrel Stave Hammock (Book Three, Card 18)

According to his writings, when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, he discovered locals sleeping in hammocks, which are beds, composed of cotton netting hanging between two trees or poles. According to Indians of North America, hammocks were so pleasant and convenient that European sailors began sleeping in them on commerce and navy ships.

A hammock made of barrel-shaped planks hangs between several protruding rocks. The hammock is a relatively simple operation; boil a 1-inch hole at both ends of the barrel. Then, the boards are connected by two ropes on each side and weave alternately in and out of these pits, that is, a stamp will pass through a board, go up through the next, go down through the third, and so on. The other mark will be passed through the same pitch in the opposite direction but in the opposite direction. To make them lie flat, the hammock is equipped with two holes at the end, and then passes through them.