Bone and Shell Necklace (Book Three, Card 4)

Native American bone chokers have become a hallmark of Native American folklore as well as modern fashion. The traditional bone choker was originally worn by Native Americans to preserve their throats and voices both physically and spiritually. It was traditionally made from bird legs and sinew from various accessible animals. Bone chokers were not produced by an individual, but rather by a specific member of the tribe who was selected and authorized to construct and bless these bone chokers, depending on the tribe. Animal bones were used to make bone chokers by American Indians. The majority of the chokers were made from the legs of birds, buffalo, and deer; bird legs were particularly well-suited to producing chokers. The animal was not usually slaughtered for the intention of producing jewellery, but the remnants were utilized after it died of natural causes or was killed by a predator. Animal bones were thought to be a sign of good fortune. After cleaning and smoothing the bones, they were boiled until soft and flexible enough to be molded. Smaller bones were occasionally dyed with minerals, plants, or berry liquids and used as beads.