Bow Stringing Care (Book One, Card 16)

Bow and Arrow Making

Such techniques were also discussed on pages 16 and 17 of volume 1, of uity-cards. All the tribes of Native Indians mostly used these tools, but primarily used by Comanche at the time of prey. Even the superhero Straight Arrow used the same tool for fighting against evil people.

“Making a Bow” is only recommended for youngsters under the supervision of an adult, both in terms of making and using the bow. Whittling with a knife or using a drawknife is used to shape the bow, and it’s ironic that a sharp edge is safer than a dull edge. A dull knife requires more force to cut the wood and, as a result, can behave erratically. The whittler can remove small amounts of wood at a time with a small amount of well-controlled force using a sharp knife. Always cut away from your body, never use the knife in a way that could cut someone else if you slip, and if you find yourself using a lot of force, stop and reconsider what you’re doing.