Camp Furnishing II (Book Three, Card 14)

Camping is a common activity among millions of Native Americans and is especially popular in the stalking game. Camping is an excellent option for anyone who wants to get away from the stresses of everyday life. The pop-can stove is a do-it-yourself, ultra light, portable stove that burns cans. The straightforward design is constructed solely of aluminum cans, allowing for a plethora of possible permutations.

Working with few resources and making do with what you have or what you can get fast is a basic aspect of survival. In metropolitan settings, rummaging or even trash diving for resources may be necessary. Obviously, unless you’re desperate, you won’t want to consume food straight from a dumpster, but garbage piles also include another valuable resource: empty tin cans. One or two of these devices can be combined to make a “hobo stove” for quickly heating food or boiling water.

Cut a hole towards the bottom of one side of the can. Cutting can be done with a knife or, better yet, tin snips. This opening will allow you to add fuel as well as allow oxygen to enter the stove. Then, around the top of the can, poke or drill smaller holes. These will act as exhaust vents, and you’ll need a lot of them to avoid suffocating your fire. Poke more air holes around the can’s base if desired. These will offer additional oxygen to the fire, allowing it to continue to burn. Light it up with some tinder (such as char cloth) and kindling. To keep the fire going, have more sticks on hand.