First Ad Part I (Book Four, Card 16)

Native Americans are known for their understanding of medicinal plants. It is said that they began use plants and herbs for healing after seeing animals eat particular plants when they had become ill. To keep these plants from being overharvested, the medicine men utilized. Native Americans held a spiritual perspective on life, believing that to be healthy, one must have a sense of purpose and walk a righteous, harmonious, and balanced path. They thought that certain illnesses were life lessons that the individual needed to learn and that they should not intervene. Many current cures and medications are founded on Native Americans’ long-held knowledge of the various plants and herbs they utilized.

Cover the wound with a sterile bandage or a clean cloth. To stop bleeding, firmly press the bandage against your palm. Maintain consistent pressure on the wound until it stops bleeding. Maintain pressure on the wound by wrapping it in a thick bandage or a clean piece of clothing. Tourniquets are tight bands that are used to block blood flow to a wound and so control bleeding. Only arm and leg injuries can be treated using tourniquets; you can’t just wrap a tight band around a patient’s neck and cinch it down to halt the flow of blood.