Frontier Rifles (Book Four, Card 29)

Long Rifle:

The long rifle, also called the longrifle, Kentucky rifle, Pennsylvania rifle, or American longrifle, was one of the first guns to be widely employed for hunting and warfare. It has an unusually long barrel, which is a recent trend in North America.

Musket Rifle:

A rifled musket, sometimes known as a rifle musket or rifle-musket, is a mid-nineteenth-century firearm. Originally, the word solely applied to smoothbore muskets that had their barrels replaced with rifled barrels after they were manufactured.

Muzzle Loading Rifle:

A muzzle-loading rifle is a small arm or artillery piece that fires from the muzzle and has a rifled barrel rather than a smoothbore. Although technically accurate for small guns, the phrase “rifled muzzle loader” is commonly used to designate a sort of artillery weapon. Because practically all small guns were rifled by the time breech loading became popular, a shoulder arm is commonly referred to as a “rifle.”