Indian Couch (Book Two, Card 20)

The majority of modern Western furniture has more Native American influences than you might think. Native Americans have a deep bond with the ground they live on and the environment they live in. This is represented in their own artwork, which includes their acceptance of the Earth as a living creature. So you’ll notice Native American influences in the design, style, and feel of Western furniture for well over 200 years. 

The Indians had little traditional furniture since their lives were simple and their desires were few. The tipi’s furnishings were different from that of the communal house since the character of the habitation dictated how it was decorated. Seats were frequently set along the walls in all types of dwellings. Seats were made of plaited bark and skins clothed only on one side, and pillows, which had previously had skin coverings, were stuffed with feathers, deer or elk hair, and in some cases scrapings from the hide.