Indian Ladder (Book Three, Card 27)

In native America, a ladder built of or resembling a tiny tree that has been carefully pruned such that several inches of each limb are left to serve as a foot support A ladder is intended to support only one person at a time. Ladders should only be used for gaining access. Make a visual inspection of the ladder to ensure that it is free of damage or evident problems such as cracks, missing components, twisted stiles or rungs, or worn rubber feet.

The most significant advantage of hunting from an elevated position is that you will have a wider field of vision, allowing you to locate your prey more quickly. You’ll be more protected from any unwelcome predators. More time to compose the finest photo possible with the wide-angle lens. Because of the height, it is difficult for the wildlife to detect the scent and movement of the hunter.

A ladder consists of a series of steps connected by a pole on each side. A ladder’s aim is to safely reach high locations and points. A ladder is thought to have been invented about 10,000 years ago. Pictures of them were unearthed in a cave in Spain, and we know this. The ladder appears in the Bible as well. Jacob had a dream in which he saw a stairway connecting Heaven and Earth. Ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rope ladders are used for gym activities and are also thrown from helicopters to rescue people from mountains. Extendable ladders are used by fire engines to rescue individuals from tall buildings or apartment towers.