Indian Sculpture (Book Four, Card 31)

Native American sculptures have been popular since prehistoric times. Many carvings, such as fetishes, have been discovered by archaeologists. Native American fetishes are animal sculptures or carvings that are frequently used in religious rites. These fetishes, according to Native Americans, have mystical properties. Today, many people, particularly the Zuni, craft fetishes. Stones, shells, and feathers can be used to embellish this lovely art form.

It was thought that the animal sculptures conveyed the spirit of the animal they represented. According to the Zuni, there were six animals that represented the six directions.

  • The north is represented by the mountain lion.
  • The east is represented by the wolf.
  • The badger is the animal that represents the south.
  • The bear is a symbol of the west.
  • The earth is represented by the mole.
  • The sky is symbolised by the eagle.