Straight Arrows 72 Injun Uities Series 1 and 2 Cover

The story of Straight Arrow was explained in two schemes, one by NABISCO that was handling all radio and comic book campaigns for Straight Arrow, the second was Uity-cards published by McCann-Erickson advertising agency. These cards have been called “Injun-uity Cards.” The word “injun-uity” is a play on the word, which is combined with the term (“injun”) and the word “ingenuity,” which is the ability to do something cleverly. One of the issues covered by this ‘Indian know-how’ was the development of objects in an Indian style or the right way to do different outdoor activities on each card. The cards have been published in four “books” series. Each book contained cards for a duration of approximately nine months in Shredded Wheat packages. Each book was made of 36 books. The publication of the comic book and the series of the newspaper had slightly gone through the coordination of the radio and Injun-uity cards’ two-hour, joint marketing support campaigns.

Magazine Enterprises was the organization behind all of Straight Arrow’s graphic representations, including the injunction cards, comic book, and newspaper series, though each publishing category had its own set of writers and artists. All of the injun-uity cards were illustrated by Fred L. Meagher. The comic book and newspaper series’ publication dates were somewhat out of sync with the radio shows and Injun-uity cards’ coordinated double-whammy joint marketing support campaigns. The newspaper series, however, was only a year-long, ending in late summer 1951. The comic book lasted longer, running from 1950 to 1956, a full five years longer than most of Straight Arrow’s previous incarnations. The injun-uity books consisted of four volumes. Volume one and two was related to native Indians’ lore house details, how they managed their households, and the related tool making techniques were given in detail.

The booklet was famous as “Straight Arrow 72 INJUN-UITIES. Here I am sharing some of the injun-uity cards with you and their use by some native tribes.

72 Injun-Uities Cards for complete series of book 1 and 2. In these cards you will get to know the secrets of Indian Lore and know-how of Indian. So Straight Arrow welcomes you all in Indian culture where you can learn about different traditional techniques.