Tepee Decoration II (Book Three, Card 20)

Indians have often designed emblems to symbolize the features of thieves. Indians did not try to sketch realistically. The designs were primitive, yet usually the design was artistic. Indian art comprises a variety of art forms such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, and textiles such as woven silk and personal emblems and clan symbols.

Plains Native Americans frequently adorned their teepees with depictions of animals and gods, as well as tribe emblems and symbols. Each tribe had its own distinctive insignia, which was displayed on their teepees, bodies, and weapons, among other things. Plants and clays were used to create the paint.

The savannas Native Americans were comprised of a diverse range of tribes, including the Sioux, the Blackfoot, and the Cheyenne, among others. One of the most remarkable aspects of the plains Indians was the method by which they constructed their teepees. Because they were nomadic, they needed to be able to swiftly erect and dismantle their temporary shelters. This meant that their teepee layout had to be both useful and straightforward.