The Cave of Gold (Book Two, Card 37)

Straight Arrow Story- Straight Arrow
Steve Adams is apparently the owner of a cattle farm but whenever injustices rises and the innocent people are in danger, he appears as a costumed, painted face Comanche, riding on Fury, the Palomino, and fights for them.
Steve Adams: Owner of cattle farm, straight arrow
Packy: Steve’s close associate
Osages, Kiowa, Comanche: tribes
Henderson: Lieutenant
Deegan: Colonel
Yellow Dog: A disloyal Osage
Some miles away from the fort Despair was a Cholla- Dotted slope, where the war cry of the Osages merged with the explosive riffles of army Spencer. Quartermaster’s wagons dashed towards the embankment. The war arrows were everywhere in the air. Lieutenant Henderson shouted that they will have to leave their wagons to reach the fort Despair. Eventually, the soldiers saw that the Osages were stealing their supplies. The soldiers rushed towards the fort. Seeing this, Steve said to Packy that that they are going to have beef for army for two weeks. Packy thought he was just being fancy but Steve explained to him that Lieutenant Henderson have left their supplies for something better than this.
One the other hand, the Osages tricked the lieutenant and claimed that Kiowa are the thieves. The lieutenant talked about giving Kiowa a lesson on which Steve showed him the arrow and affirmed that it belongs to Osages, not Kiowa. He said that Comanche will support Kiowa if they will be attacked without a reason. Later Steve caught the yellow dog, an Indian scout who was aiming to shoot him.
Steve asked Packy to keep an eye on Lieutenant Deegan and heads towards sundown valley. Packy asked him to warn the Kiowa as straight arrow, as they will listen to him instantly. On the other hand Deegan had already set off from fort Despair to Kiowa village. Steve went to his secret cave and appeared out as straight arrow, on his Palomino, Fury.