Stump Chair and Log Bench (Book Three, Card 24)

Log benches and stump chairs are a long-lasting and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional outdoor sitting. Wooden log seats, which are a celebration of nature, merge perfectly into a garden or patio to give a charming, rustic appearance. Furthermore, if you have a limited amount of outside area, benches are a fantastic space-saving tool; rather than trying to shoehorn four large outdoor chairs into your patio, a bench can accommodate several people while taking up very little floor space and taking up very little space. These seats and benches are used by Native American.

In the house of native tribes, Stationary couches, which served as seats during the day and as beds at night, were set against the walls of the earth lodge and similar habitations. These were created by planting four tall pillars in the floor, which supported two wattle twig shelves, or bunks, on which the bedding was placed. Both shelves were occasionally used as beds, although the upper one was typically used to store the possessions of the person to whom the compartment belonged. A reed curtain hung on a rod placed across the two front poles in the lodges of some tribes, which could be rolled up or down to provide solitude to the person of the bunk.