Western Hats (Book Four, Card 23)

John Batterson Stetson was an American hatter, hat maker, and the originator of the cowboy hat in the 1860s. The Stetson quickly established itself as the most well-known hat in the West. All of the high-crowned, wide-brimmed, soft felt western hats that followed are inextricably linked to Stetson’s cowboy image.

War bonnets, also known as headdresses, are feathered headdresses worn by male leaders of American Plains Indian tribes who have gained a high level of respect within their community. Originally, they were worn in war, but now they are mostly used for ceremonial purposes.

The bowler hat, rather than the slouch hat, centercrease (derived from the army regulation Hardee hat), or sombrero, was the most popular among cowboys in the early days of the Old West because it was less prone to blow off in the wind.