Predatory Animals (Book Four, Card 22)

This is a partial list of American predators. Cougar, sometimes called cougar, painter or puma, is rare in the east. It preys on deer and causes great damage to the sheep. It is usually shot when planted with dogs. These birds are known for their killing ability, but some of them are very beneficial to humans by reducing the number of rodents. Know your poultry before you go to fight. Focus on nasty people, red-eyed goshawks, brave prey killers, Cooper’s hawks and great horned owls. Crows eat duck eggs, songbirds, corn seedlings and garden pests. In most cases, his injuries outweigh his benefits. Lynx, or bay lynx, is a kind of animal. It kills birds and destroys nests and lambs. It was considered a threat and was hunted from Maine to Minnesota. The fox is the main carrier of southern thieves. They kill grouses, pheasants and chickens. The coyote is a slyma rouder in the sagebrush plain. It kills sheep, poultry and other livestock. His annual killings are worth about 15 million U.S. dollars. He looted the bird’s nest and killed the wild deer.