Straight arrow 19

Straight Arrow- War Cry of Thunderbird


Straight arrow: owner of the broken bow ranch/ Steve Adams

Blue hawk: war leader

Big bull: Comanche

Bent bow: medicine man

High arrow: ancestor of straight arrow

Beecher: colonel

When the trains are passing through the plains, Comanche got afraid that their lands will be captured by the white men. Big bull and other warriors insisted Blue hawk to command them to fight against white men. Soon straight arrow arrived and tried to stop them from planning war. This made big bull angry. He said straight arrow is a coward but since he was not a coward but wise man, straight arrow asked him to challenge his powers. They both had fight in which straight arrow won. Suddenly thunder light stroke and bent bow fall on ground. He told the Comanche that God spirit has ordered him to make a medicine and fight with white men at trains. Medicine man made a war bonnet and handed it over to blue hawk. It was the second time when a huge war bonnet had been made. Blue hawk started preparing for a war while straight arrow went to sundown valley and took out his war bonnet which was given to him by his ancestor, high arrow. He took that bonnet and moved towards the train. He stepped on too the train. Surprisingly he met Colonel Beecher there. He told him about the war going to initiate due the fear of red skins. Colonel Beecher supported straight arrow. When blue hawk and other Comanche warriors arrived, straight arrow wore that bonnet and came out of train. People were amazed to see war bonnet of high arrow on straight arrow’s head. Medicine man told blue hawk to challenge and fight with straight arrow as the thunderbird wants to see which medicine is more powerful. Blue hawk fought with straight arrow but as always, straight arrow won. Blue hawk was amazed. Straight arrow told him it’s not the medicine that gives you power, the medicine man had tricked you. Blue hawk stood up and thanked straight arrow. He apologized the white men and was very angry on bent bow’s evil intentions. He thought to give him a lesson.

Straight Arrow- The Desert Demon!


Straight arrow: owner of the broken bow ranch/ Steve Adams

Packy: side kick of Steve Adams

            Since red men saw a huge buffalo demon. They told to sheriff but he didn’t bothered. A man came and told sheriff that stage robbers move toward Indian territories, thus Comanche would be helping these robbers. Steve Adams was listening it all. He knew something is wrong. Steve transformed into straight arrow. He and packy went to explore the place where that demon lives. Suddenly a huge buffalo faced demon arrived. Packy got scared and ran away. Straight arrow observed keenly and found that the buffalo was shooting. Therefore it’s not a demon buffalo but a man inside it. At night, straight arrow set off to solve the mystery. He discovered a military hide out. He also found the costume of buffalo demon. It was hollow from inside and huge enough that people could get inside it. Then straight arrow found a hidden building. He tied to listen what the people inside that building were talking about.  He heard them talk about doing stage robberies. Unfortunately a man saw straight arrow and shouted to warn his people. The white men got alert and ran after straight arrow. Straight arrow managed to fail all their plans. He caught the thieves and their leader and revealed the myth of demon. Soon packy arrived there too.

Straight Arrow- The Curse of the Fire God


Straight arrow: owner of the broken bow ranch/ Steve Adams

Red cloud: Comanche chief

Tall tree: Comanche

Bold hawk: once a Comanche

Roaring flame: medicine man

Comanche chief, red cloud was superstitious. Bold hawk and roaring flame built a fire in bushes with a trick and made red cloud believe that fire God is angry with Comanche. Tall tree smelled a weird odor from fire but before he could explain, bold hawk started saying bad words for him and attacked him. Red cloud asked the medicine man to tell them what fire God needs. He said they’ll have to give all the good furs, raw hides and other possessions to fore God to prevent his anger. Bold hawk and roaring flame also told the Comanche that tonight fire God will fire a tepee. And as he said, the tepee was burnt. This made red cloud even more scared. He was wandering alone, going near a snake unknowingly but as it was about to inject its venom into red cloud, Steve Adams came and rescued him. Red cloud thanked him and told him why he was worried. Steve Adams knew he was superstitious. He transformed into straight arrow and reached Comanche village. He declared that bold hawk and roaring flame are liars and betrayers. Roaring flame said straight arrow would die tonight in a tepee. All the Comanche people waited till night. Bold hawk moved though the tunnel he had made, and fired the tepee with the help of buffalo crease. Meanwhile the medicine man was outside the tepee with Comanche, to prevent them from doubting him. As the fire burnt straight arrow’s tepee, people yelled that straight arrow had died. But he was alive. He had tricked them by placing a dummy in his tepee. Straight arrow exposed bold hawk and roaring flame. They tried to run away but straight arrow caught them and handed over to red cloud to decide their fate.