Straight arrow 43

Straight Arrow- Blaze

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Fats pinto: outlaw- bully
Joe: ranny
Blaze: dog
            A dog wanted to be friends with Fats pinto but that man was a bully. He kicked him out and was about to kill him when Steve came and beat him to save the dog. Packy names this dog as blaze. Fats was very annoyed. He decided to set the broken bow ranch on fire and then go for raiding a stage. His plan to set the ranch on fire failed due to blaze. He and his fellows ran away to save their lives. Steve and blaze followed them but missed them after they had raided the stage. When Steve came back to his ranch, Packy warned him about the remaining rannies who thought Steve is the real robber. Joe wanted to get Steve but Steve rode away. He transformed into straight arrow and went to follow the trail along with fury and blaze. Unfortunately straight arrow fell down due to a gopher hole and became unconscious. Blaze and fury saw the escaping rustlers and attacked them. Soon straight arrow revived and caught fats and his gang so they could clear Steve’s position.

Straight Arrow-The Robber from Beyond

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Bear tooth: renegade Comanche warrior
Spotted eagle: chief
Leaping fox, running wolf: Comanche warriors
            Bear tooth was a renegade Comanche warrior whom nobody dared to oppose. Everyone was afraid of him. He stole everyone’s things. One day he stole the scared relics to sell them in high cost to pale faces. Spotted bear asked straight arrow for help. Straight arrow followed his trial and captured bear tooth who was later hanged to death for his deeds. Some day later people saw ghost of bear tooth who started stealing again. People were afraid to fight against him. Straight arrow was again asked for help. Straight arrow convinced them that ghosts neither steal things nor leave foot prints. Leaping fox and running wolf went along straight arrow to capture bear tooth but they ran away when they saw him disappearing. Straight arrow let them go and continued his search. Soon he found bear tooth’s belongings in a cave. His inner side of fur was lined with a material to help camouflage. When the person who pretended to be bear tooth came to kill straight arrow; straight arrow defeated him and realized he was a white man pretending to be bear tooth to do robberies. He caught him for the judgment.

Straight Arrow- The Last Arrow

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Bad dog: renegade
Tioga: friend of straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper of Steve Adams
The fawn: friend of straight arrow
Richie: outlaw
Sorbet boys: outlaws

            The crows captured Tioga so he could help them find straight arrow. Tioga guided the crows to opposite direction of where straight arrow had gone. The fawn was watching this all. She stepped forward to guide the crows in wrong path, so they neither hurt Tioga nor find straight arrow. Unfortunately the fawn didn’t know she was taking them to straight arrow. Straight arrow had gone from the same direction she was taking them to, he just pretended to go in other direction to avoid his trail to get followed. On the other hand molly informs straight arrow that Packy had been captured by Sorber boys as straight arrow put their paw in jail. Straight arrow rode to the hideout where Packy was kept. He tried to figure out where everyone was that suddenly a blast occurred. He followed the fuse wire to see where Packy and outlaws were but the Sorber boys asked him to surrender if they want Packy alive. Straight arrow told them he won’t surrender but attack again at night. He went back. Suddenly bad eye and his men came with the fawn and Tioga. They asked straight arrow to surrender if they want to see his friend alive. Straight arrow was left with only one arrow. He was confused both, Packy and the fawn were in danger. Then he announced that whoever overtakes him will feel the bite of his last arrow. Saying this both parties came forward. Both of them thought the other party is fighting with straight arrow. Crows and white men had a great fight.  Crows fled and one of the white men tried to kill Packy. Straight arrow used his last arrow to save Packy. He was glad both the fawn and Packy were safe now.