Straight Arrow 46

Straight Arrow-The Man with the Scar

straight arrow: Comanche chief/ Steve Adams
Smith: detective
Jeff: rancher
Clem Dawson: sheriff
Big elk: Comanche
            A stranger named smith came into town. Sheriff inquired why he was in the town. Sheriff let his people keep an eye on him. On the other hand, Jeff saw some people near Comanche tribe, raiding steers. He told sheriff who already doubted smith for all these raiding. Sheriff went with his posse to attack on Comanche village. Since straight arrow and chief were out for hunting, big elk guided Comanche warriors to attack on the posse to save their lives. Before a war could be held, straight arrow observed it all from far away and stroked his golden arrow to warn black elk and stop the war. Straight arrow went to sheriff and told him Comanche are innocent, he would find the real rustlers. While straight arrow was out for searching the rustlers, somebody tried to kill him but he managed to escape. Then he went to blacksmith’s and asked about the person who rode horse with hoof prints he had seen. Straight arrow was told it was Smith’s horse. Straight arrow followed tje foot steps that suddenly sheriff, black elk and their men came to get him. They were the real rustlers. But to their surprise, straight arrow already knew it and he also knew that smith was a detective who had come to find the rustlers. Straight arrow gave a false offer to sheriff and black elk to keep them busy. Eventually Smith rose and started shooting. Straight arrow and smith captured sheriff, black elk and their men to take them to fort for justice.

Straight Arrow-The Fence Stealers

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Klepper: Mesquite fence seller
Cliff Nugent: Erboard spread owner
            A group of people were stealing fence corals from ranches of people. One day when straight arrow returned from hunt, je saw those people stealing broken bow’s fence. He saved his fence from getting robbed but the men escaped. Packy told straight arrow that this had been happening with all the people. Straight arrow asked Packy where he got these corals from and next day he went himself to meet the seller. Straight arrow asked Klepper, the mesquite fence seller why is so valuable in these corals. Unfortunately Klepper himself didn’t know this. Suddenly a masked man came and asked Klepper to bring the list of ranchers whom he had sold these corals to. Straight arrow stepped forward and tried to get that man but he escaped. Straight arrow had an idea. He asked for the list too. He visited the entire rancher’s ranch and inspected the corals. Then at cliff Nugent’s ranch he found a coral with a map on it. Suddenly those men came again and asked for that coral. Straight arrow threw it into the cement and told them that they can have it. The map got imprinted on the cement. Then straight arrow copied it and reached that place on his fury, before those men. It was the place where one of those men had hidden his loot before he got imprisoned. Straight arrow caught those men to take them to sheriff.

Straight Arrow- Doom Stalks the Treasure Seeker

Straight arrow: Comanche chief/ Steve Adams
Charles Collin: white man
Driscoll: rustler pretending to be a prospector

            Charles Collin had come to town in search of his friend who was finding treasure. He met many Driscoll and asked about his friend. Driscoll told him he don’t know about his friend but can guide him to the treasure and they can share. Collins was glad to hear about the treasure. He forgot his friend and started his journey with Driscoll to hunt the treasure. While they were resting, some Comanche came and attacked them. Poor Collins was left in desert to die. When he came into senses, he saw sand storm coming and shouted for help. Fortunately straight arrow was also there, waiting for the storm to end. He heard the cries of Collin and rescued him. Collins told his whole story to straight arrow. Straight arrow showed him the trail to town and asked him to go. Meanwhile he went to the place where Collins and Driscoll had rested. He realized the foot prints were all of boots. This meant white men were pretending to be Comanche. Straight arrow headed towards town and saw two men aiming their guns at Collins. Straight arrow again rescued him and took him to Comanche village so he gets well while the two men went to their boss, Driscoll and told him Collins is alive. Driscoll had another plan. Since the new sheriff was out of town, he appointed a fake sheriff. When straight arrow and Collins went to that fake sheriff with their complaints, straight arrow figured out he is fake, after he saw some unusual things. He signaled Comanche warriors who followed sheriff, Collins and straight arrow to the hills. As straight arrow had expected, Driscoll was already waiting with his men to kill them. Soon Comanche warriors also arrived and Driscoll’s plan failed. Straight arrow caught him and his men to get them imprisoned. Collins went back to his hometown learning that one’s life is the biggest treasure of all time.