Straight Arrow 39

Straight Arrow- The Vanishing Stagecoaches

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Sadie: female rustler
            Six gold carrying stagecoaches had disappeared along with its driver and the horses. Straight arrow was riding on fury that suddenly fury threw him down. Fury actually saved him from the stone falling from the edge. Soon some rustlers came and had a fight with straight arrow. Straight arrow tried to defeat them but got a hit in his head. Fury dragged straight arrow to the river. Straight arrow was amazed why those men attacked him unless they had some connection with the stage coach robberies. Straight arrow went to sheriff and told him everything. Sheriff was worried as another stage coach had to ride and none of the remaining drivers were willing to go. Straight arrow said his friend Steve Adams will take that stage coach. Next day when Steve was about to move the stage coach, a girl came who said she wanted a lift to the next town. Steve allowed her to travel with her. When they were midway, Sadie, the girl, lifted Steve’s gun and told him to follow the other path. Steve had no option other than to obey her. When they reached on a mountain, Sadie told him to put down the strongbox. On entering the mountain, Steve realized that it was actually a cave in which all the stage coaches and gold it carried were kept. Also, the drivers were present behind the bars. When Sadie ordered Steve to move behind the bars, Steve rejected. She tried to shot him with his own riffle but it was empty. She got angry and took out her derringer. Soon the men who had attacked Straight arrow arrived and asked Sadie if she needed any help. Sadie asked them to get Steve and put him behind the bars. Steve fought bravely with the men and defeated them. When Sadie shot Steve, he pulled one of the gang men in front of him and Sadie lost both her target and the bullet. Steve asked her to surrender but she fell from the strongbox and was fell down. Steve freed the drivers and soon entered the town with all seven stage coaches, their drivers, the gold and the rustlers. Steve knew that a girl rode with every stage coach which had disappeared. He himself allowed the Sadie to travel with him so he could find the place where missing stagecoaches were. He himself unloaded his gun and he was the one who requested to fill the strongbox with stones. Everyone was amazed to see how wisely Steve got those rustlers and saved the gold and lives of stage coach drivers.

Straight Arrow- The Wild-Haired Shape of Terror

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Peso, snake: outlaw
Slick van brunt: outlaws
Bill: outlaw
Sheriff Wyne: police officer
            Three outlaw leaders slick, peso and snake arrived in town and threatened sheriff. Sheriff was weak and couldn’t fight them so he kept following their orders. Soon straight arrow reached town wounded. One of the outlaws was about to kill him but sheriff stopped him and so did slick. Slick told he is the great straight arrow and they would get a huge sum of ransom for giving him alive to the people of town. So he asked sheriff to take him in. When straight arrow was bandaged, he wished to go back but the outlaws tried to fear him from their guns. Fortunately sheriff’s grand-daughter came on time and shoot with her gun. Straight arrow took advantage of this chance and got peso and snake. Sheriff’s grand-daughter told straight arrow the whole story and asked for help. Straight arrow shifted the two outlaws in stable. Soon slick arrived with other gang members and set the stable on fire. On straight arrow’s command, sheriff’s grand-daughter announced to surrender and let her horses run away carrying a wagon. The people of slick went after the wagon to get their two leaders but the wagon was empty. They were tricked. Straight arrow gave slick a good lesson and captured him too. Since all the three leaders of outlaws were captured, their men also surrendered and hence peace was brought again. Sheriff was grateful to straight arrow for his help.

Straight Arrow- Showdown in Skeleton Canyon


Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Sheldon: hombre
            Straight arrow was attacked by two people. When straight arrow defeated them and asked them why they did so, he was told that slick Sheldon asked them to keep people away from skeleton canyon, the land he had recently bought. Straight arrow was confused why Sheldon had bought a barren land with no grass and no water on it. On the advice of one of those men, straight arrow decided to meet Sheldon. When he was going towards town as Steve Adams, he saw all the town people moving towards skeleton canyon with their belongings. Steve asked Packy what was going on. Packy told him that skeleton canyon has gold in it and Sheldon is selling the land to give people their share of gold. Steve knew something he wrong. He went to Sheldon and asked him to give proof that there is gold in skeleton canyon. Sheldon showed him gold dust. Steve was wise, he figured out quickly that Sheldon was lying because gold dust comes from water and there is no water in skeleton canyon. Listening to this Sheldon ordered his men to tie Steve with rawhide and throw him into the water so he may not destroy their plan. The men did the same. Cold water helped Steve get back into his senses. Due to the cold water, the rawhide stretched and Steve was set free. He quickly got out of the water and went to skeleton canyon, as straight arrow, to warn the people. He was late. People had already bought the land and came to know Sheldon was a liar. They were too angry on Sheldon and wanted to give him a lesson. Straight arrow had a better plan to teach a better lesson to Sheldon and his men. On straight arrows command people went to Sheldon and thanked him for selling them that land.  They showed him the gold nuggets they had got from the land. Sheldon was surprised to see it all. He convinced the people to sell his land back to him in double the amount he taken. People agreed and sold their part of land. Poor Sheldon and his fellows kept digging the land to get gold but didn’t found any gold nuggets. Sheldon was tricked the same was he tricked other people. Gold nuggets were actually from straight arrow’s secret gold cave which straight arrow had lend to the people to fool Sheldon.