Straight Arrow 55

Straight Arrow-The Painted Man

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Many dreams: medicine man
PVT Barnet: pony soldier
Deegan: Colonel
Black deer: spy
The fawn: daughter of Comanche chief
            Many dreams was the medicine who had come to Kiowa village and became a part of it. He was creating disturbance and wasn’t letting Kiowa people obey white man rules. Colonel Deegan feared the Kiowa would come up in a war so he called straight arrow for help. Straight arrow was in a hurry so he unintentionally hit Barnet. After he came out of colonel’s office, Barnet attacked him surprisingly but straight arrow bravely fought and outnumbered him. Then straight arrow went to Kiowa village and met the chief who told them about their new medicine man who preached war for future riches. Many dreams claimed a painted man would appear and tell the message of Wakan Tanka about whether they should remain in peace or do war. On his way back, straight arrow passed besides the tepee of medicine man. He heard him talking about the fake painted man who would preach war. He gave this job to black deer. Suddenly one of them saw straight arrow and went after him. All the Kiowa warriors followed straight arrow into box canyon. Straight arrow managed to save himself from the attack of Kiowa but couldn’t escape from that place. Hence Straight arrow tied a note to blaze’s neck which he had written as Steve Adams. Then he sent blaze to the fawn. The fawn took the note to Barnet who soon came into the box canyon as painted man. He preached the lesson of peace and claimed many dreams is a liar and greedy man, so he must be banished. Everybody was happy to listen to the words of painted man. Straight arrow, who was getting rid of black deer and at the same time keeping Kiowa busy, revived and relaxed, the chief was glad that straight arrow helped them and opened their eyes. Straight arrow was grateful to Barnet for his help. He chose Barnet for help because of the tattoos he had on his body.

Straight Arrow- The Second Childhood of Packy McCloud

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Raff Elgin: outlaws
Bill: white man
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper of Steve Adams
Ed: white man
Joe: outlaw
Doc Wilson: doctor
            Packy started playing tricks on people. He enjoyed doing so but molly and Steve were curious what had happened to him. One day when Packy went to take his parcel from train, some robbers came and raided the train. They took Packy with them as a hostage. They knew he was Steve’s friend so they kept an eye on Steve and sent him message to not to look after Packy. Steve realized he won’t be able to find Packy as Steve Adams so he called doc Wilson and left the ranch wearing doc Wilson’s clothes. He went straight to sundown valley and transformed into straight arrow. Then he sent smoke signals to Packy to tell him where he was if he could. Packy understood the smoke signals and made outlaws curious for using those rockets. When the rockets got lit, they covered the whole sky. Following that rocket’s light straight arrow reached there and set Packy free. The leader of the gang, raff also came to the hideout. He tried to shoot straight arrow but missed him. Straight arrow turned to him and caught him while Packy kept a hold on the other outlaws by his tricks. Later on straight arrow took the train robbers to sheriff.

Smoke Signals

Their Lands

            The plains Indians got their name from the plains on which they lived.  The plain prairies they lived on were without any trees or mountains and were full of animals like buffaloes, deer, bears etc. The plain Indians depended on these animals for their livelihood. Their food, clothes, shoes, tepees, weapons, everything was made up of these animals. It was when the armed white men came into these lands that all the animals disappeared.

Hunting a Deer

            The plains Indians hunted deer as their ritual, after wearing war paint and getting their bows and arrows blessed by the medicine man. The deer was hunted in four ways. Either the plains Indians hunted deer using their bow or arrow or by hanging snare traps in forests or by digging pits or by using dogs to herd the deer into water so the deer could be easily captured.  The people believed deer came from the clouds and its meat was sweet and pure. They first removed its hind legs then front legs than the rest of the deer was cut neatly so the horse could carry it well balanced.

Indian Foot Ball Players

            Jim Thorpe was an Indian who turned out to be a skilled foot ball player just as white men. He could run, dropkick, kick and pass the ball efficiently. He could also throw the ball farthest and highest than anyone else could do. Jim Thorpe’s Indian name was chief bright path. He had a twin brother who died in infancy. The Indians knew only two rules of football. If Indians have the ball they have to knock down the white man and if white man had the ball than they must get him. There was another man black deer who frequently hit pale faces while playing football. The red skins found this game a way of showing their anger for palefaces and hitting them.

Straight Arrow- The Gold Fever

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Tall deer: Comanche
Jeb: outlaw
            Tall deer traded furs to get sweets for his people. One day he met a man who had alot of gold. On his advice tall deer rode towards bitter ridge. Straight arrow saw him and warned him from going to that dangerous place. Tall deer thought he was just telling a lie to keep all the gold with him so he kept going and was caught by the two paleface men who kept him as their hostage. They told them the gold wasn’t from the bitter ridge but it is the stolen gold which they have hidden here when they escaped from straight arrow. Tall deer felt ashamed of himself. Soon straight arrow arrived and caught all the outlaws. Tall deer freed himself, thought for a while and ran away with the gold. Straight arrow tied all the outlaws and rode after tall deer to get back all the gold. He took them all to sheriff. Sheriff imprisoned the outlaws but let tall deer go .Straight arrow showed tall deer gold in his own land. Tall deer was glad to see it and at the same time he felt ashamed of what he had done.