Straight arrow 45

Straight Arrow- Straight Arrow will Die

Spotted wolf: Comanche renegade
Young elk: cousin of spotted wolf
White doe: Comanche girl

            The outlaws were worried how to get rid of straight arrow to ensure success of their robberies. Soon spotted wolf arrived and told the outlaw leader that he met his cousin young elk who had gone to study and was coming after many years. The outlaws knew spotted wolf and his cousin looked alike. Soon they got an idea. They captured young elk and made spotted wolf wear white man dress and go to their tribe. Comanche people thought him to be young elk and greeted him very well. Young elk’s love, white doe also greeted him but observed a change in his behavior. She kept an eye on spotted wolf. When he came to know that straight arrow is coming back from hunt, he ran to get him. He aimed his gun at straight arrow to shoot him but white doe pushed him and he missed the shot. Straight arrow became alert and got him. He asked their plan. When spotted wolf refused to tell them where the hideout of outlaws was, straight arrow came up with another idea. The news was spread that straight arrow had died. Outlaws were too happy. This gave young elk a chance to escape. He ran out but outlaws followed him. They came to box canyon. They were happy that they can easily get young elk and kill him since straight arrow is no more. Suddenly straight arrow appeared and caught them to get them imprisoned. White doe was the one who made it all possible. It is now when white doe got a greeting from young elk.

Straight Arrow- Sure Death in the Wild West

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Mort Kragstone: outlaw
John hall: son of late Sheriff
            John hall, son of late sheriff had came from the east. He hated guns. When people wanted him to become next sheriff, he told them he won’t be like his father. Still mort took his side and spoke in his favour. Other agreed too, to make him the next sheriff. John had guts, he prevented raiding of stages and robberies without a gun but one day he was trapped by some men. Straight arrow made a gunshot and saved him. He asked sheriff to keep a gun with him. Sheriff didn’t like listening to it and he imprisoned straight arrow. Soon a boy came running to sheriff and told him that mort is a leader of outlaws and he made him sheriff intentionally. This made sheriff angry and he decided to go to mort’s hideout to talk to him. Straight arrow kept telling him to keep a gun with him but he didn’t listen to him. Straight arrow sent word to Packy to bring fury and a rope. Using this he broke jail and got free. He followed sheriff and reached hideout where mort was about to kill sheriff. Straight arrow outnumbered everyone. Mort thought straight arrow isn’t looking him and he can kill him but before he could shoot straight arrow, sheriff shot mort. He told straight arrow that he had no option. He hated guns for his father was always busy in posse but now he had learned that gun isn’t good or bad , it’s the one who is squeezing the gun and reason why he is doing so.

Straight Arrow- The Marked Man

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Jim: outlaw
            Jim and his gang were about to raid a stage. Steve Adams listened to it. The outlaws knew it but still they went to raid the stage. They were surprised when straight arrow reached their on time and saved the passengers and gold too. The outlaws had a doubt that Steve Adams and straight arrow are the same because Steve had listened to them talking but straight arrow came to rescue the stage. Then one of the outlaws got an idea to test whether this is doubt is true or not. They had a fake fight and when Steve came to stop the fight, one of them intentionally marked a tattoo on Steve’s hand and pretended as if it was a mistake. Steve was worried that it won’t get off and his secret will be revealed. Soon he came to know about the robbery which was about to happen. He reached their on time and got the outlaws. Then he showed his hands to them as they were curious to locate the tattoo mark on straight arrow’s hand. There was no mark at all. Everyone was amazed. Their doubt was proved wrong and straight arrow’s secret was safe with the help of salicylic acid and glycerin paste, which removed straight arrow’s tattoo.