Straight Arrow 4

Indian Tools

An Indian ax and hammer is made by fixing a blunt edged rock on a fork, using a heavy twine.  An Indian shovel is made by fixing a flat stone with chipped notches, on the fork of a shovel, using a heavy twig. Indian broom is made by fixing together the strands of brush and attaching it with a wooden stick.   Model Indian knife can be made by carving wooden blocks on flat metal piece carved into a knife. The wooden blocks can then be tapped of covered with rawhide. An Indian knife scabbard is made by cutting and folding leather or canvas, sewing holes in it, making cuts and attaching fringe, then assembling the apparatus.

Straight Arrow- The Battle of the Giants!


Steve Adams:  Straight arrow

Packy: Steve’s close associate

Black feather: Criminal/Zeke Blower

Zeke Blower: Betrayer/ Zeke Blower

Red cloud: chief of Cheyenne

            This story is about a rival, Black feather who had created an atmosphere of terror due to his criminal acts. When colonel talked about seizing black feather, Zeke Blower step forward and claimed that black feather is a Cheyenne because none other than a Cheyenne can play bow and arrow this good. He asked colonel to raid Cheyenne village and find black feather there. Eventually Steve Adams came and talked in favor or Cheyenne due to which he and Zeke had a fight. Colonel ordered to raid in Cheyenne village and put Steve Adams behind the irons. Steve asked Packy to keep an eye on the village; meanwhile he transformed into straight arrow and went to Cheyenne village to warn Red cloud about the war. Straight arrow requested Red cloud to refrain from war and leave their village for some times, until then he will find and bring black feather. Red cloud agreed and did the same. On the other hand, Packy saw black feather robbing the payroll. He followed black feather. When black feather came to know that he is being followed by Packy, he attacked him. Suddenly straight arrow came, defeated black feather and unveiled Zeke Blower’s cruel face as black feather in front of white men. White men were ashamed of the way they treated Steve Adams. They made sure black arrow gets punished for what did.

Straight Arrow-The Man Who Held Lightening!


 Steve Adams:  Straight arrow

Packy: Steve’s close associate

Tall bear: Chief of Arapahos

This story is about three criminals who were running from Sheriff. While riding through the desert they heard singing sound. They got an idea. They thought of making people fool by the God sand. In this way they would find a hideout and will soon escape after looting the village. Steve and Packy heard about the God sand. This made Steve worried as he knew his people were superstitious. He transformed into straight arrow and went to the Arapaho village where he was told that according to god sand Arapaho will capture everyone, the white men, Sioux, Cheyenne and Blackfoot, all and there will be rile of Arapaho nation only. Straight arrow was suspicious; he went to see then god sand which he found speaking. He was surprised how sand can talk and talk in Irish accent. His doubt was strengthening when those criminals came and fought with straight arrow. They fixed straight arrow in the sand of hot desert with rawhides. The scorching heat of the sun and shrinking rawhides were troubling straight arrow. Soon fury, the palomino came and rescued straight arrow. Straight arrow rushed back to the village with lightening in his hand, beat those criminals and revealed that they were robbers. He showed the people of Arapaho that these white men were taking with them the gifts they had presented to the god sand. Now Arapahos were clear about the situation, they handed over these men to Cibola sheriff. When they inquired about the lightening, straight arrow told them that it was a glass-like substance from the silicon which lighted when sun rays fell onto it.

The Plains Indian

            This section explains the lifestyle of the Plains Indian. The Plains Indian was living a monotonous life until the white men came. Francisco De Coronado left his horse when he came to explore the tale of seven cities.   Though this expedition gave him no benefit, but the people of Plains Indian were greatly benefited by the arrival of horse. They called it a ‘big dog’. With the arrival of horses, they could travel long distances, could ride on a horse to chase buffalo. This was the first big factor of their development. Secondly, since they had got a horse for all this, they started using buffaloes for several other purposes. Thirdly, they migrated from woodlands to westward on the dog travois.

They did agriculture so they largely depended on meat for their survival. They killed buffaloes for making food from its meat, from making clothes or tipi covers from its skin. They were nomads. They continued locomotion on their travois. Their tepees, shirts, leggings, moccasins, shields were all made of buffalo accessories. The food was made in different ways using buffalo meat. Every medicine man had a buffalo-hoof rattle, and feathered head dress known as ‘doctor’s bonnet’. The bone marrow of buffalo’s bones was also eaten. Costumes were made from buffalo bones for sun dance or ghost dance.

Furthermore, necklaces, jewels and all kinds of dressing for both male and female were made of buffalo. The men used to wear leggings with an over flap, front and rear. Fringes hung down the sides of leggings. Women wore elk skin and buckskin shirts, fringed and decorated and leggings. The moccasins of female were longer than men. Neither men nor women wore hats. They used to wear colored feathers with each color representing any national achievement. They put color on their faces as they liked it.

They used to live in huge tepees with a large opening to let the smoke of the fire move out of the tipi. They used to keep medicine bags and weapons in their tepees. A fireplace was made where they used to cook food. Tepee was easy to manage for these people. As they were nomadic, they could easily assemble and disassemble the teepees and take it along them on travois.

Straight Arrow- The Buffalo Hide of Peace!


Steve Adams:  Straight arrow

Packy: Steve’s close associate

Standing bear: Chief

Black tooth: Betrayer

Dog soldiers: Black tooth’s men

            Standing bear wished to adopt ways of living of whiter men. He announced that he will send a hand of friendship to white men. Black tooth wasn’t happy with this decision as he disliked white men. He ordered his dog soldiers to follow the two men sent by standing bear and attack them like white men. In the way they will know that white men don’t want to be friends with them and standing bear will take his decision back. When the dog soldiers attacked those two Comanche, straight arrow reached there with the help of fury and prevented them from attacking further. He warned them that if anything happens to white men, he remembers the faces and names of dog soldiers. Then he went back to ranch as Steve Adams. The dog soldiers went back to black tooth and told him everything. Black tooth asked them to follow the two men and find out what whether white men wish to be friends with Comanche. To his surprise the white men were willing to do friendship with Comanche, they sent gifts for Comanche and told that they will visit village soon. This alarmed straight arrow, he knew black tooth will definitely respond to this news. So Steve asked Packy to keep an eye on the rivals and follow them, leaving a trail for him to follow. Meanwhile Steve went to sundown valley to transform into straight arrow. When he came back he found no trail to follow, but Packy who was tied up. Packy didn’t remember what had happened with him. Straight arrow asked him to go to Comanche village and inform standing bear about it all. Packy did the same while straight arrow sent a warning for white men. Black tooth saw the warning too. White men and Black tooth people had a fight. Soon straight arrow came and asked white men to cease, as it wasn’t the loyal Comanche who were doing it all. Packy, standing bear and other Comanche arrived too and cleared their position in front of white men. The chief was sorry for what black tooth had done. He promised that black arrow would be punished for is deeds. H also told them that he himself with visit white men’s place and make judgment of black tooth’s case.