Straight arrow 28

Straight arrow- The Challenge of Pedro Bombo

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Pedro Bombo: a short fat white man
The fawn: daughter of Comanche chief
Broken nose: chief of crows
            Pedro Bombo fell into the lake from a tree where the Comanche maidens were bathing. They all cried in terror. Comanche braves went to rescue them and found Pedro there. They took Pedro to the chief who ordered to punish him. Pedro claimed he couldn’t be killed as he a brave one and to prove this he is ready to fight with the bravest Comanche warrior. People laughed on his words. Suddenly some crow warriors came to raid and took the fawn with them. Soon straight arrow arrived and he was told what just happened. Straight arrow said he needs a brave and smart warrior with whom he can go to rescue the fawn. Comanche warriors pointed out at Pedro. Straight arrow was surprised at their selection. Pedro shot a bird excellently. This impressed straight arrow and he agreed to take him along. Pedro claimed he was a great stalker. Although the trail was very clear but still straight arrow remained silent. Suddenly crow warriors came and took Pedro with them to imprison him. Straight arrow and fury had already hidden behind the bushes so the crows didn’t see them. Then at night straight arrow tied some bushes with a long rope to fury and asked him to run swiftly around the village. Seeing the fire, all the horses rushed away. Straight arrow secretly entered the village and saved Pedro who had risked his neck to save the fawn’s life. Straight arrow stroke arrows on crows and ordered the fawn and Pedro to get a horse and escape. He followed them both and rode away. But still straight arrow was confused whether Pedro is a knave or a brave.

Straight Arrow- The Man Who Hated Fury

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Sheriff Manders: policeman
Sundance kid: robber and murderer
            Sundance kid was running for his life when his Bronc got a strain in leg and fell down. He had to walk on foot now. Nearby was the cave in sundown. Sundance entered it and to his surprise he saw a palomino in it. He wanted to ride on it but fury was no ordinary horse. He didn’t let him ride on it. This made Sundance angry and he shot fury. Then he ran away from that place. When Steve Adams heard the sound of gunshot, he went in to see what had happened. Luckily fury wasn’t hurt alot. Steve Adams went as straight arrow to the saw tooth junction and told Sheriff that fury can recognize the murderer as that person had left a sum of money behind. Sheriff laughed how fury could tell so. But straight arrow claimed he would. Unfortunately Sundance was listening it all. He planned to leave the remaining money and run away. But before that he would kill fury. Sundance tried to shoot fury but failed. He tried to kill fury by poisoning his food but failed again as straight arrows recognized those familiar foot prints and ceased fury from eating that food. Straight arrow took fury back to the cave where he would be saved. Sundance reached there too bit unfortunately was defeated by straight arrow to be taken to sheriff for his crimes.

Straight Arrow- The Return of the Thunderer

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
The Thunderer: great Comanche warrior
Hoo-ah-den-see: medicine man
Running buffalo: dying Comanche
Wounded horse: friend of straight arrow
Loping bear: evil Comanche warrior
Doctor Benette: agency doctor

            The medicine man had a dream in which old man told him to find such a man as the Thunderer who would save his village people from dying swiftly. Medicine man was confused if it was just a dream or a warning sign. Running buffalo’s illness confirmed his doubt. Be began testing people to find one who was as brave as the Thunderer was.  Everyone lost. Now it was turn of straight arrow. Everyone was surprised that he successfully torn a rock into pieces, no one knew it was made up of talc, then he successfully made fire out of air with his swiftly flying arrow, no one knew it was covered with powdered lead. Only loping bear discovered these were all tricks. He planned to kill straight arrow by replacing a tricked arrow with a poisoned one. Fortunately wounded horse saw him and again replaced the arrow. Straight arrow successfully got hit by arrow, he pulled it out, swiped his wound and the wound had disappeared. Everyone was amazed to see this except for loping bear. He claimed straight arrow is a cheat who is playing tricks. Nobody trusted loping bear as they knew he hated straight arrow. Then straight arrow hunted an invisible bird, cooked it and served it to Comanche people. People were surprised how it happened. Only straight arrow and wounded horse knew he pulled out hidden meat from a hole in fire. Seeing this loping bear ran away from the village for he feared wounded horse would kill him. Suddenly doctor saw some herbs on straight arrow’s shoes. He told them these herbs can be used for treating malaria. Straight arrow brought these herbs for doctor who made medicine and gave to Comanche people. Soon the plague had disappeared and people become healthy again.