Straight arrow 42

Straight Arrow-The Iron Horse of Indian Gulch

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Benson: brother of Mayor of Indian gulch
            Straight arrow saw a fast train moving on track with its driver killed. He raced fury and went into the cabin to stop the train. After some trials he succeeded in stopping the train. Everyone was grateful to straight arrow for saving their lives. Benson was thankful for straight arrow too. He told him he was the brother of mayor of Indian gulch. He asked straight arrow to help them overcome the renegades who are against the making of this railway track. Straight arrow met mayor too and decided to guard the railway tracks with armed people but this idea failed when those renegades blasted the mine. Straight arrow requested mayon to increase the number of armed men. This too didn’t help. Straight arrow assigned his men to do the job of guarding and laying railway simultaneously. This proved beneficial and the renegades were captured. Since they were large in number, they were put into corral. Next day the Indian gulch was to move. Straight arrow was invited on it too. When the Indian gulch moved, renegades attacked the train after an hour. They were tricked by straight arrow who had filled the train with his armed crew. The crew pulled out their guns and other came out of the train on their horses. They captured all the renegades who told them they were lead by the mayor himself. The mayor was imprisoned for his deeds.

Straight Arrow-The Grim Pursuit

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Tall wheat: Arapaho
Mort black: outlaw
            Arapaho raided Comanche people but were defeated by the great straight arrow. Tall wheat tried to kill straight arrow. Straight arrow figured him out and saved himself. Unfortunately his quiver broke and his golden arrow fell down. On the other hand an owl hoot, mort black ran from the jail. He found straight arrow’s golden arrows and he thought of using them against him, for he was the one who sent mort to jail for judgment. Mort killed prospector and left a golden arrow there. When army saw it, they ordered to imprison straight arrow. Straight arrow knew his enemy must have done this and to prove himself innocent he had to bring the real killer. Hence to save himself straight arrow rode away on his fury. He followed the trail of killer. When mort came to know about this, he caught and tied an Arapaho warrior. Then he left a golden arrow there. When other Arapaho saw this, they attacked straight arrow. Straight arrow fought bravely and escaped. He continued following the trail for many days. He was wounded, hungry and thirsty. He sent fury back and walked through the desert all alone. One day he fell down due to weakness. Mort thought the vultures flying above would surely eat him up but he wanted to confirm straight arrow is dead. Therefore mort went forward to kill straight arrow but straight arrow was alive and healthy. Mort was surprised. Straight arrow had tricked him. He had been eating mesquite meal which gave him strength for the whole day. Straight arrow caught mort and handed him over to sheriff. Straight arrow got his honor and respect back and the outlaw was imprisoned.

Straight Arrow- The Man who Looked for Trouble

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Jim carter: young boy
Bull Grogan: outlaw
Randy: a girl
            Jim carter was a young boy who loved randy. He had a tough competition with a man who was about to court Randy. Jim was told he didn’t have nerves. To prove himself Jim risked his life in troubles but failed every time. At first he tried to get bull Grogan to put him in jail. He failed and Steve Adams handled the matter. Then second time he risked his life in trying to ease the uncontrollable horses of a stage. He failed this time too. Soon straight arrow arrived and completed the task successfully. Once he was done with relaxing the horses, he asked Jim why he was doing it all. Jim told straight arrow his story. When he was gone, straight arrow followed him to ensure he doesn’t risk his life again. Randy’s hat fell down and him man went to get it. Suddenly he saw a rabid cayote. He was scared and ran away. Jim stepped forward to help randy but fell due a gopher hole. Straight arrow was observing everything. He killed the cayote and saved the girl. When randy came back into senses, she thought Jim had saved her. She became very happy and was grateful to Jim for risking his life for her.