Straight Arrow 50

Straight Arrow-Perilous Cargo

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Silas Prescott: white man who came from east
Tom Harrod: cousin of Silas Prescott
            Straight arrow was out for hunting meat for his tribesman. Suddenly he saw some men raiding wagons. He fought with the outlaws and made them run away but unfortunately they had taken all the riffles of Silas Prescott with them. Silas Prescott came from east, for doing business here, on the word of his cousin tom Harrod. Not knowing that tom Harrod is the leader of that outlaw group, straight arrow gave the two men word that he would help them get those riffles back. They rode for a long distance but camped for a while when they all got tired. Straight arrow went to hunt buffalo but when he stampeded them, he himself fell from the edge. He became unconscious and fury saved his master from coming under the hoofs of stampeded buffaloes. Soon Straight arrow regained but was too weak to fight the outlaws in a raid that occurred soon after this incident. In raiding, Tom was hurt too. Later Straight arrow gained his strength and went after the raiders alone. He used gunpowder to build fire and destroy all the riffles. The stampeded horses woke up all the outlaws but straight arrow caught them all. One of them revealed the name of their leader. Soon tom was well again, he rode to the place where his men were, so he could kill straight arrow but straight arrow’s sharp senses made him alert and hi stroke his arrow towards tom. Tom got scared and gave up. Straight arrow caught him to take him to sheriff and realized tom is as bad as his cousin is good. Then straight arrow continued his hunt.

Straight Arrow- Look Out! It’s Straight Arrow!

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Mort diamond: outlaw
Jenny Watkins: woman
Bill: husband of jenny
            Straight arrow saved jenny Watkins from being killed by a group of outlaws. Jenny told him she was following mort and his men so she could get them imprisoned for killing her husband and blaming him for shooting first. Straight arrow decided to help her but as she had not taken good sleep from several days, straight arrow took her to Comanche camp so she could rest. A wounded man saw this and spread word in town that Comanche had seized a woman. Mort knew it was not true but this was the only way he could get rid of that woman and straight arrow, so he decided to go with sheriff to Comanche village. On the other hand Straight arrow came to town as Steve Adams but before he could get mort, he heard this news and went to calm down sheriff who was preparing a posse to attack on Comanche. Seeing this, mort sent a letter to Steve that Packy is expecting his visit. Steve was confused what to do now. He went to the place where Packy called him but it was actually mort who had played trick. He caught Steve and sent him with his men to the desert. The men left him in desert and went away. They didn’t know they had left him outside his secret cave. Steve whistled to call fury that set him free. Then he rode fury as straight arrow and went towards village. The bridge he was riding on broke. He and fury were safe but they had lost a lot of time. Straight arrow signaled his people to get ready for an attack. When the posse reached Comanche village, they saw them already prepared for war. They asked for the woman they had captured. Jenny came forward and told them she had not been captured, Comanche are her friends. Mort feared she would tell the truth so he aimed his gun at her. Suddenly straight arrow jumped over him to save jenny. Mort was afraid he got hurt so he confessed his crimes. Sheriff got mort. Jenny and sheriff both were grateful to Straight arrow for bringing justice preventing a war.

Straight Arrow- The Girl from the Desert

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Fawn: Comanche girl
Walt Jarvis: outlaw
Helen: daughter of an old man
Bob: father of Helen
            Straight arrow was hunting in deserts when he saw an unconscious girl lying on desert floor. He took her to Comanche camp so she could be looked after. Fawn took good care of her. Straight arrow sent smoke signals to tell her father she is fine and went to find him as he heard her calling her father when she was unconscious. Her father, who was wounded, saw the smoke signals and was glad his daughter is safe. An outlaw, Jarvis also saw the smoke signals and headed towards the Comanche village. At night he went into Helen’s tepee and asked her to go along him, his father is ill and needs her. Helen was confused as she saw the same man fighting with his father but she could not take a risk so she went with him. When straight arrow arrived fawn told him Helen had gone at sometime in night. Straight arrow saw the foot prints and recognized them as the same ones he saw where her father was attacked by another man. Helen had gone with the same man who attacked her father. Straight arrow followed the trail. He found Helen’s father on his way. He told him the way to his gold mine where Jarvis had gone with Helen. Straight arrow went there and cautiously caught Jarvis who just brought Helen to guide him to gold mine. Helen was glad her father is fine and Straight arrow took Jarvis to sheriff.