Straight arrow 33

Straight Arrow- Kin of the Wild

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
            Straight arrow loved animals from his childhood. He often helped the animals when they were hurt or trapped. One day, straight arrow was caught by the purple masked men when straight arrow attacked them while they were robbing the bank. The purple masked men hit him and took him with them as their shield so no one would follow them. They left wounded straight arrow in hot desert to die. A prairie dog saw straight arrow and brought him chokeberry branches. When straight arrow came into senses, he saw the branches and became happy. He could make a paste of it and apply on his wounds to stop bleeding. Then straight arrow followed a rat to cactus plant from which he poured out water to quench his thirst. Straight arrow was given a lift by burro to fury. Straight arrow was grateful to all his animal friends for helping him. Straight arrow took refuge under open sky, near a stream, for three days. When he regained his strength, he went out to get purple masked men. He reached their hideout and set it on fire. When they came out, straight arrow defeated them one by one. An owl helped him too. Straight arrow caught all purple masked men and was taking them to the jail, through the path surrounded by all his wild life friends.

Straight Arrow- Jailbreak at Fort Danger

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Black elk: the dead braves tribesmen
Red hand: Comanche chief
Young falcon: son of the chief
Jennings: the Indian agent
            Jennings, the Indian agent worked with black elk, an Arapaho, to drives away the Comanche from their land and capture all their horses. He made black elk kill an Arapaho brave and blame Comanche people for this murder. The Arapaho became angry and attacked the Comanche. Soon Jennings took US army to Comanche village, pointed towards young falcon and told the army he saw him doing a murder. US army put young falcon behind the bars. Then Jennings asked black elk to make a jailbreak to help young falcon escape. When black elk went to help young falcon escape, the Comanche warrior resisted at first as he knew his father trusted US army and wouldn’t have send anybody to rescue. Later when army man saw him, he had to run away with black elk whom he didn’t even know.  Black elk took him to the mountain and pushed him down. Luckily straight arrow heard the screams of young falcon and rescued him. Young falcon told him everything. He took him to Comanche village where US army was already present to drive away Comanche people for sending a warrior for jailbreak. Straight arrow was talking to the army when frightened Jennings tried to kill him. Suddenly black elk’s poisoned arrow stroked Jennings, as he wanted to kill straight arrow. US army caught black elk.  Jennings told about his and black elk’s evil intentions to everyone. US army apologized Comanche and told them they would send a letter to Arapaho and tell them their brave was killed by black elk, not by any Comanche.

Straight Arrow- Bad Man?

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Reb Jackson: outlaw
Flat nose: renegade apache
Dever: Colonel
Luke: outlaw
Jimmy, Eddie: baker sons
            Reb Jackson and flat nose were the biggest renegades of that time. They had kidnapped baker sons as their pursuit. Colonel Dever called straight arrow for help. Straight arrow told him that those renegades surely had hidden the baker boys in their hideout and to get to their hideout it is necessary to gain their trust on him so they can lead him to that place. Saying this straight arrow went back to the town. He started helping Reb and long nose to escape from sheriff. This made them trust him. Reb included him in his gang and gave him the job of preventing anyone to trail them to their hideout. They also showed straight arrow their hideout. One day Luke got to know about straight arrow’s plan when he heard him talk to sheriff. He went to Reb and told him everything. After some days Reb took him to his hideout where long nose was already aiming his gun at straight arrow. Reb also brought the two boys and was about to kill these three. Straight arrow quickly took the fire and burnt the hideout. He escaped with baker sons. Reb and long nose followed them to box canyon where straight arrow trapped him by closing the one way path with the help of rolling stones. He caught both renegades and handed them over to sheriff.