Straight Arrow 53

Straight Arrow- The Men who Bought Trains

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Nan fellows: white girl
Jeb: white man
            Steve Adams was finding a train set to gift it to Nan fellow’s brother on his birthday.  Unfortunately all the train sets had been sold out. Steve Adams was thinking of other gifts he could give to him. He heard of a train robbery at the razor pass. While he was going back to broken bow ranch, he saw something shining on a mountain. He went there to see what it was. It was a train set up of razor pass where the robbery had just taken place. Steve was astonished he transformed into straight arrow to explore the matter. He saw another set up of train indicating horseshoe gap. It meant the other robbery was going to happen there. Straight arrow reached there on time and prevented the robbery to happen but unfortunately he couldn’t get any of the outlaws. The outlaws became alert and smashed the new train set up which they had made to plan the next robbery. Straight arrow reached that place following the signs and found the smashed train set up. The water and mountains gave him the indication of Hangknot canyon. It was where the next robbery was going to take place. Straight arrow reached there and placed cactus burrs under saddles of horses. When the outlaws rode on their horses, the horses jumped up and down. Straight arrow caught the outlaws in this way. Later on Steve gifted two train sets to brother of Nan fellow who was very happy to have them after listening to the story behind those train sets.

Straight Arrow-The Lost Wagons

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Blaze: dog
Arapaho Charley: friend of straight arrow
Ezra Jackson: wagon train
Jeb: White man
            Steve Adams heard of the lost wagons which were carrying new settlers in it and all their wealth. So one day Steve went to find those settlers as straight arrow along with fury and blaze. On his way he found a bag of his friend Arapaho charley. He let blaze smell the bag and guide him to the place where Arapaho charley is. Soon blaze took straight arrow and fury to the
Box canyon. Straight arrow sensed he wasn’t welcomed there so he hid behind some rocks until the people with their wagons came out of the cave when the moon went down. Straight arrow whispered and called Arapaho charley who told him they were all robbed and trapped by these outlaws who are now planning to rob the wagon trains of Ezra Jackson. Soon the time was over and straight arrow along with all other people was sent back into cave. Straight arrow found a way out and escaped. He sent a notice to army through blaze and himself warned the wagon trains of Ezra Jackson who then got prepared and bravely fought with outlaws to prevent robbery. The outlaws became alert and decided to move back to the border after taking their loot from cave. When they reached the cave, straight arrow and army were already waiting for them. They caught the outlaws and finally the new settlers could do business in the new town. Everybody was thankful to straight arrow for his help.

Smoke Signals

Cochise, Apache Chief

            Cochise was an apache who ran from the jail and lost the trust of white ma. From then onwards the apache and white men become enemies. The name of Cochise was synonymous to terror and death. He was a great warrior. Concise was induced to make peace with white men due to his friend, Tom Jeffords.


            The great spirits of plain Indians was known as Wakan Tanka whereas in the woodlands of east it was known as Manitou. The itsika mahidi was spirit of gray wolf who interrupted hunting. Kaduteta was an immortal of old woman who taught men to till the fields. The morning stars among Pawnees made human sacrifices before their gods.  But the greatest of their gods were Wakan Tanka and the Manitou whom the remembered while doing everything.

Indian Games

            The people of plain Indians played lacrosse at great trading meetings by different tribes. Throwing the snow snake, Javelins played by the Sioux, dice games, whipping top, shinny, bow and arrow games and guessing games were most commonly played by the plain Indians.

Indian Buckskin

            Buckskins were used as clothes for plain Indians. They hunted animals like deer and buffaloes and used their skins for making their clothes. The hide of the animals was cleared and washed multiple times; it was dyed and smoked to make it perfect. Then clothes were made from it. These were the finest skins which didn’t tear easily. 

Indian Hair Fashions

            The Indians wore scalp locks to make it easy for enemy to scalp them. The plains Indians braided their hair and used red funnel to make them more colourful. The apache Indians, some Kiowa and Comanche wore hair scraggly bound with cloth band.

Indian Jewellery

            The Indians used copper to heat it and shape it into jewellery. They used copper for making pins, needles, spearheads, arrowheads, adzes, chisels, axes, fish hooks, rods and ornaments like bracelets, neck lets, armbands, ornamental discs, belts, earrings, pins, headbands, combs and rings. The Indians considered copper as a stone.

Indian Luck

            The Indian lands were taken away from them and they were shifted into barren lands. They became very poor. They dig the land and found oil there. This oil changed their luck and took them high. From being very poor to becoming very rich, it was all a good luck due to oil.

Straight Arrow- Vengeance Trail!


Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Reb parker: outlaw
Elijah Boone: Judge
            Elijah Boone sentenced Reb to death but Reb escaped and set off on journey to take revenge from the judge. The army called straight arrow for help who instantly started his journey within a cardboard box to save the judge. Straight arrow was delayed by many attempts such as by an attack in outlaw town, then by saving a man whom Reb had tied and handed and later by falling down and coming under a tree log while he was fighting with Reb. Inspite of all these hardships straight arrow remained determined and warned the judge by setting free the homing pigeon he had in that cardboard box. Hence when Reb reached the judge’s house in Gila city, he was welcomed with many armed people. He got frightened and surprised at the same time. He dropped his gun and the judge caught him. Straight arrow succeeded in his mission.