Straight Arrow 29

Straight Arrow- The Laughing Crime

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Minstrel man: magician and a robber
Barton Phipps: wealthy rancher
            A minstrel man arrived in town and sold free tickets to people for a show. When the entire town had gone to show, he robbed precious jewels and money. Straight arrow saw him but couldn’t catch him due to his tricks. Later on Minstrel man robbed a dagger and hid it in his mouth. Everyone knew it was him but found no proof when they checked him. Barton Phipps, a rancher had sold his herd lately. He was afraid minstrel man would rob him. Thus he wanted straight arrow to help protect his money. Straight arrow was sad he couldn’t catch minstrel man but still he agreed to help Barton. Barton led straight arrow to the place where he had kept money. When he went away, Minstrel man sent a toy rabbit towards straight arrow. Before straight arrow could do anything, the bomb in rabbit blasted and the wall fell on straight arrow. The minstrel man took all the money. Suddenly Barton came and tried to shoot him. Unfortunately minstrel man tricked him too and beat him down. He was about to leave that straight arrow lifted up his bow and arrow and stroked arrows to him. He was captured now to send him behind the bars and Barton’s money was safe.

Straight Arrow- The Thing in the Ice

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Klagon: Kootenai
Hugath: son of old kootenai chief
Doe: kootenai maiden
            Klagon was a brave kootenai warrior but one day he was blamed by Hugath for stealing the scared totem. He was ordered to be killed but he ran away. Soon kootenai warriors found him. They were about to kill him but straight arrow arrived on time and saved him. Klagon was wounded badly. Straight arrow took him to village and asked medicine man to help him. Medicine man gave him medicine and soon he recovered. Klagon told everything to straight arrow. Straight arrow believed him so he decided to go with him to his village and prove his innocence. They both reached the village but kootenai saw them and took Klagon with them when he was sleeping. Luckily straight arrow was not there, he remained safe. When Straight arrow came back he saw Salish people. Hugath was telling them to raid kootenai village and in turn make him the chief of kootenai. Unfortunately the raiders saw straight arrow. Straight arrow fled away to save his life. He entered into a cave behind the waterfall. There he saw the lost totem. On the other hand, kootenai people were about to kill Klagon that suddenly Salish warriors came to raid. Kootenai people ran away to save their lives. Straight arrow quickly untied Klagon and went to kootenai tribe. He said he would save them from Salish people. Straight arrow took them to the cave and showed them their lost totem. This encouraged them and they successfully defeated Salish people. They claimed that Klagon might have hid the totem behind waterfall so no one could find but. Straight arrow said it was Hugath who had done this and he lost his moccasins in doing so. Those moccasins which had frozen due to ice look same to those worn by Hugath right now and it is a proof that Hugath is real culprit. Kootenai chief punished Hugath for his deeds. Klogan’s innocence was proved and later he married Doe maiden. Straight arrow went back to his village.

Straight Arrow- Top Secret

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Bloody Mike: robber
            The army had build a hidden fort to keep all their ammunition safe from owl hoots. The sergeant was sent to general with a secret message in his hollow boots. Unfortunately bloody Mike and his gang caught him. They asked him about the secret message. When sergeant didn’t speak anything, they took him to their hideout. On the other hand Straight arrow was called for help. Straight arrow went on his journey to find sergeant and the secret message. He followed the trail and reached bloody Mike’s hideout. He was caught by bloody Mike’s men. Bloody mike had already found and read the secret message. He took the bomb to fit it in coming train. As soon as the train will enter fort, bomb will blast, fort will be destroyed and they can get as many ammunition as they want. While bloody mike and his gang were out to fix the bomb, straight arrow untied his hands and caught the men guarding him. He untied sergeant too and asked the man what was bloody mike up to. On knowing the plan, straight arrow and sergeant went to get that train. Straight arrow took a stage and crashed it into the train. The train stopped. Sergeant explained everybody why straight arrow had done so. They carefully reversed the engine of train and uncoupled the cars. Soon the bomb blasted but they were glad that fort and ammunition were safe. They went to get bloody mike and his gang behind the bars. Everyone was thankful to straight arrow for his efforts.