Straight arrow 25

Straight Arrow- The Deathless One

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Lone elk: Sioux warrior
Flower girl: whom lone elk loved but she loved white wolf
Wapiti man: medicine man of Lakota Sioux
Willow, soft deer: Comanche girls
            Lone elk was a Sioux warrior who loved flower girl. On knowing the fact that flower girl doesn’t want to marry him as she loves white wolf, lone elk tried to kill white wolf. Unfortunately, his arrow missed the target and frightened the horses who made a leap and from the edge along with two flower girl and white wolf. The medicine cursed lone elk for his deeds. He said he won’t die ever until and unless he meets a man who freezes the flowing water. He was then banished from the tribe. For years he kept wandering. One day he saw straight arrow fighting alone with Lipan who had captured Comanche girls and ponies. Lone elk joined straight arrow to fight along him, in a desire to get killed. They both defeated the Lipan. Then they went to Lipan village to bring back Comanche girls and ponies. Straight arrow wisely doing the girls and escaped from the village meanwhile lone elk gathered and guided the stolen ponies. Lipan were very angry. One of them followed them. Straight arrow went back to the stream where his knife had missed a target. He drew out the knife. It was anchored in frozen ice. On seeing this, lone elk became happy that his curse has broken and he can die now. Straight arrow tried to tell him that curse is mot for real and this freezing ice is due to the metal. Suddenly an arrow from the bow of Sioux who was following them, stroke lone elk and he died.

Straight Arrow- Straight Arrow’s Magic

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Grey smoke: medicine man
Fawn: daughter of Comanche chief
Willow stick: Comanche girl
Spotted eagle: Comanche warrior
            Tioga was a naughty boy who didn’t like medicine man at all. Like always, this time too he tried to play a trick on him. He mocked him and pretended to call tall hat traders who were late this time. Luckily the traders came as soon as Tioga stopped chanting. Everyone was astonished. This time the trading was very easy. Tall hat traders were giving them whatever Comanche wanted. Comanche were very happy from Tioga and they gave him alot of gifts. Straight arrow had a doubt about this easy trading. Some day later US army came and asked Comanche to return the traded goods as they were stolen, and belong to people who owned these goods. Comanche were angry but straight arrow and spotted eagle controlled them. When US army had gone, everyone ran after Tioga to beat him. Straight arrow rescued him, as he knew he played a trick and didn’t mean to harm. Tioga and straight arrow went to the hideout of those fake tall hat traders. They saw some Comanche warriors were already there to get their possessions back but they got only fire shots. They ran back.  Straight arrow had an idea. He ordered Comanche men to go back pretending that they are sick. Then straight arrow and Tioga covered them with red spots, went to tall hat traders and told them about small pox they had got due to infected furs. The white men got scared. At night, straight arrow mixed some herbs in cooking pot of white men which made their stomach ache. They got even more frightened. The left the hides, furs and other possessions of Comanche and went away. Straight arrow and Tioga collected all their things and took back with them. Some miles away, straight arrow gave some herbs to white man to cure his stomach ache. He warned him from doing this again.

Straight Arrow- The Swamp Rats

Straight arrow: greatest Comanche chief/ Steve Adams
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Black feather: enemy of straight arrow
Jason: white man
Lame nose: black feather’s rustler
            Black feather arrived again with his evil deeds. He robbed Jason’s money and then went to his hideout between the swap. On the other hand, Comanche chief claimed he would do a war if the peace treaty doesn’t arrive till the next day. Chief was angry that white men were stealing their land and harming them again and again. Steve Adams said he would bring the treaty by tomorrow. Colonel and Steve went to the office to ask about mail. They got news that the great would reach by tomorrow in a stage. Steve transformed into straight arrow to guard the stage but unfortunately black feather reached there before him and ran away with all the mails. Straight arrow followed him but he was caught by his men. He tried to free him and in doing so black feather escaped with mail bag. Straight arrow left the rustlers and went after black feather. Soon he caught him. He tied him to a tree bark to get him later. Straight arrow took the peace treaty to colonel and handed it to him, so he could prevent the war. Then he rode back to get back feather but it was too late. Black feather had escaped, leaving behind a note that says “next time one of us will die”.