Straight Arrow 49

Straight Arrow- Battle of the Giants

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Wild bill Hickok: Sheriff
Doc mason: Doctor
Mike: owl hoot
            A group of owl hoots tried to get doc mason from his stage to make him prepare faces for them. In this way their raiding could become even easier. Unfortunately their attempt to capture doc mason failed when straight arrow came to rescue him. Straight arrow took doc mason to Comanche village so the shaman could use herbs to heal his wounds. On the other hand a group of owl hoot was facing double in raiding in the presence of Straight arrow and wild bill Hickok. Then they made a plan and raided white men and red skins as Straight arrow and wild bill Hickok respectively. When real straight arrow and wild bill Hickok came to know about this, they quarreled with each other and decided to fight at sundown, till only one remains. Everyone went to see their fight. The owl hoot took it as a good chance to rob the unguarded town but when they reached bank to rob it, they were surprised to see Straight arrow and wild bill Hickok waiting for them there. The owl hoots were amazed when Straight arrow told them they both were together when those owl hoots did raiding at their back. This revealed their plan to them and they did a fake quarrel. Moreover, the ones fighting are wearing masks of them, made by doc mason. Straight arrow and wild bill Hickok captured all owl hoots and imprisoned them.

Straight Arrow- The Train Robbers of Horseshoe Bend

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Clipper Jackson: outlaw
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper of Steve Adams
Blaze: dog
            Steve Adams and other ranchers were coming back in a train after selling their herds. All of them were having a lot of money. Suddenly clipper Jackson appeared and took all their earnings from them. Steve Adams knew there are children and women in train so he gave clipper what he wanted. When clipper and his men got off the train, Steve Adams and other ranchers followed them to a mine. Unfortunately dynamite was blasted by those outlaws in the mine. Steve Adams fell into the shaft and ranchers thought he died, not knowing that he had managed to save himself and got out of the shaft when he gained consciousness. The ranchers informed sheriff about the incident. Packy and molly grieved for Steve Adams. On the other hand Steve Adams went to sundown valley and transformed into straight arrow. He went back to the mine and examined it. He found the other exit and a trail which he followed to get to the hideout of outlaws. He fought with the outlaws and tied them for sheriff to get them when he sent smoke signals. Two of the outlaws had run away. Blaze helped straight arrow find one of them while Straight arrow caught the other one, clipper in ghost town. Once all the outlaws were captured, straight arrow went back as Steve Adams and told everyone how he managed to save himself.

Straight Arrow- Two Hours of Doom


Straight arrow: Steve Adams

Buckskin prank: outlaw
            Buckskin prank and his men were planning to raid crazy man gulch for all the gold it carries. Straight arrow heard it and headed towards crazy man gulch to give them warning. Three men came after straight arrow to stop him from taking warning, while the others headed towards the town to raid. Straight arrow rode as fast as he could but fury got strain in its leg and straight arrow had to climb up the mountain to save him. Straight arrow outnumbered the three outlaws and finally reached crash man gulch. He warned everyone there who later welcomed the outlaws with firing. Only buckskin prank and two of his men succeeded in getting the gold but were stopped by straight arrow’s lariat. As soon as they revived, straight arrow told them he would take them to sheriff once they return the gold.