Straight arrow 37

Straight Arrow- A Birthday Present for Polly

straight arrow: Steve Adams
Sioux: tribe
            In old times, receiving a present was a very big thing because it reached its owner after a long distance and great trials. One such present for Polly, with other mails like cash and cavalry was being sent to the town. Suddenly some Sioux warriors attacked the stage carrying those things for the cavalry and cash. Straight arrow reached on time and drove away Sioux warriors. Unfortunately the major was wounded so straight arrow set off with the mails to deliver them to fort and bring help on his way back. Straight arrow got everything which Sioux needed, so they followed straight arrow but he managed to camouflage in the sand and got rid of Sioux warriors when fury distracted them. Straight arrow was very thirsty. When fury came back, he decided to go to another water hole to drink water and then he would continue his journey again. On his way, straight arrow saw that the stage was burnt and people were missing. The Sioux had taken them to their village. Straight arrow was worried how he would bring them back alone. Then suddenly a rattler gave him an idea. Straight arrow went to the Sioux village and used his bull roarer to terrify Sioux warriors and stampede their horses. Then he set free the major and other people and rode back to the town. Soon Polly got her gift and she just loved it for it had reached her after alot of sufferings.

Straight Arrow- Warrior’s Blanket

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Broken bear: Comanche kid
Horse running: Comanche kid
Kelly: lieutenant
Deegan: captain
Cachilla: Apache
Flying cloud: Comanche warrior
            Broken bear and horse running were fighting on a knife to play with. None of them wanted to play with the blanket. Flying cloud came and told them a story about that great blanket. Flying cloud told them it was straight arrow’s blanket. He ripped it into two parts to save a boy who was captured by apache and fell into quicksand. Then he sewed it again using fibres of yucca leaf and a cactus needle, then gave it to the boy to keep him warm. Unfortunately the boy fell even sicker. Straight arrow threw mosses on fire and with the help of same blanket he sent smoke signals to the doctor, who came and treated boy to save him from getting pneumonia. Then straight arrow went to help the US army who were stuck in Apache’s trap. He used to same blanket to draw a map with extracting dye from beet root. Then he sent this blanket with fury to the fort. Straight arrow and other soldiers fought the apache. Soon the army from fort arrived too and defeated apache. One his way back, straight arrow saw a tiger aiming at a kid. Straight arrow used the same blanket to catch the claws of tiger and get him twisted so he could easily kill it. The boy whom Straight arrow saved was horse running. After listening to the story flying cloud thought both kids won’t fight again but to his surprise they started fighting again and this time for the blanket.

Straight Arrow- The Secret of the Secret Cave!

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Packy: straight arrow’s sidekick
Blackie: outlaw
Judge foster: Judge
Patty: judge foster’s niece

            Blackie and his gang were fighting with straight arrow but were getting outnumbered. Then one of them pulled out Packy and warned straight arrow to stop fighting. Packy’s tongue slipped and he called straight arrow, Steve. When the gang got to know about this that straight arrow and Packy are the same. They dig Packy and straight arrow into ground. They poured honey on their heads so red ants would come, lick them to their skulls and in this way they would die. Blackie and his gang rode off to the town into judge’s office and told him everything. Judge scolded them for doing it as they could have got rich with the help of straight arrow. They were talking that suddenly Straight arrow and Packy arrived with patty, judge’s niece. She had seen them both on her way to town and saved them. Straight arrow told everything to the judge who promised in his forking voice that he would do justice. Straight arrow saw honey pot in judge’s office too and when he got out of his house, his eyes saw horses of Blackie and his gang. Now Straight arrow was sure that judge is their leader. Straight arrow and Packy rode to the secret cave where Blackie, his gang and judge followed them. They saw the gold walls of cave and were amazed. They ordered one of their men to take Packy, straight arrow and fury out and kill both men meanwhile they would blast the cave to set loose the gold. The man took them out but before he could kill straight arrow and Packy, fury kicked him down the hill. On the other hand, the outlaws blasted the cave and were buried in the cave. Hence justice was delivered now.