Straight Arrow 51

Straight Arrow-The Mystery of the Frightened Boy!

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Leaping wolf: Osage youth
Burnt leg: new Osage chief
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Runs heavy: Osage
Cloud in the sky: Osage chief
Tioga: Comanche young
The fawn: daughter of chief
            Mesquite molly was riding a stage when she saw an Osage young lying on the ground. She realized he needed plenty of water and food so she took him with her to the broken bow ranch. Soon Steve and Packy reached the ranch and came to know about the boy. The boy, leaping wolf recovered in a few days. Steve wanted to ask about him but leaping wolf said he doesn’t want to lie and won’t be telling truth either. Then one day when straight arrow visited Comanche village he heard about a young boy who had killed his chief. Straight arrow knew they were talking about leaping wolf but was sure he couldn’t do a murder. He went to find leaping wolf and found two men riding after him. Straight arrow caught them but they escaped. This made sure that the two men are hiding something and they are guilty. Finally leaping wolf told straight arrow that he saw burnt leg killing cloud in the sky. This is why burnt leg and runs heavy want to kill him. Straight arrow and leaping wolf went to Osage village to tell the truth. Medicine man said a fight would be held between leaping wolf and burnt leg, the one who wins will be the truth speaker. Straight arrow fought in leaping wolf’s place as he wasn’t a warrior. Straight arrow won, burnt leg and runs heavy were taken away for the punishment while leaping wolf was welcomed back in the village. Leaping wolf was happy but he decided to go with straight arrow. Comanche chief adopted him as this son. The fawn was very happy but Tioga was jealous as he didn’t want to share straight arrow with leaping wolf.

Smoke Signals

The Indians  

The Indians are Mongolians having high cheek bones, slant eyes and skin coloring. These are nomads as they keep travelling and make settlements wherever they travel. Some of these nomads went to south through Canada while others went to east into the forests now known as New York, Pennsylvania and New England states. Others settled on prairies near coasts. Mayas and Aztecs built stones cities for them. They played a game similar to basketball, wore fancy clothes and worshipped the sun. In South America Incas build a civilization on the slopes of Andes and did farming along terraced slopes. They watched games on grandstands and built stones houses. According to theorists the Incas had come from pacific on boats and rafts. It is believed that a sunken land between Asia and America used to be closest to South America.

Their Dwellings

            The eastern woodlands Indians used to live wigwams or bark houses. The five nations, Iroquois, comprising Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga, Oneida and Tuscarora lived in 100 feet wide, 25 feet long houses. The round or cone shaped wigwams of Algonquin and new England Indians, and mound shaped wigwams of long island Indians were made up of bark. Kentucky and Ohio also lived in long houses. Creeks and Seminoles lived in grass houses while Ojibway lived in low, round bark houses. Plain Indians also lived in wide, decorated buffalo hide tepees. Round dome-like jacale were where apache lived. Only Jicarilla and Mescalero apache used tepees. Navajos lived in hogans while the pueblo Indians lived in pueblo, an apartment house.

Types of Indians

            Indians of north America are divided into cultural groups; eastern woodland tribes, Iroquois confederacy, the Hurons, Eries, neuters, Cherokee, Algonquins, Chippewas, Nacaspee, Montaignas, Papinachois, Micmac, Penobscot, Monominee, Pennacook, Montauk, Monhegan, Narragansett, Delaware, Shawnee, Nanticoke, Powhatan and Pamlico. Mid western prairies group include; Sioux, Ponca, Omaha, Quapaw, Kansas and Osage, Iowa, Oto, Missouri, Winnebago, Mandan, Crow, Hidatsa, Miami, Fox, Sauk, Wichita. The plain Indians include; Arapaho, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Comanche, Crow and Sioux, the Ute, Nex Perce, Pawnee, Arikara, Plains Cree, Gros Ventre, Sarsi. The South-western tribes include; apache, Navajo, Puebsaw, Hopi, Papago, Pima, Moqui. The north-western tribes include; Nez Perce, Klikitat, Siwash, Wenatchi, Wallawalla, Umatilla, Yakima, Salish, Nootka, Kawkiutl, Haida, Tlinkit, Tsimshian.

Birch Bark Canoe    

            It was the best, lightest canoe, made from selective tress. A bark was cut from it, shaped and modelled in a perfect way. It was then pierced and rawhide was added. It was mostly used by eastern woodlands tribes.

The Eskimos

            Eskimos lived in cold areas in their ice-made igloos. They lived in hide tents as summer arrived. They depended upon dogs to pull their sledges for travelling. They ate fat to keep them warm. They wore fur clothes, used oil lamps and wooden utensils and their weapons were made up of tusk ivory.


            It was travois on which plain Indians migrated form a place to another. It was made up of two logs pulled by any animal and the other side of these logs were attached a raw hide. Light things such as utensils, weapons, clothes could be lifted by travois while the people moved along the travois on their foot. People of plain Indians used dogs before they came to know about horses.

Straight Arrow- Goes East

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Mr Kirby: outlaw
Tom Baldwin: Col Baldwin’s son
Mike Barron: outlaw
Joe: outlaw
            The army was too much busy at fort danger while Mr Kirby was busy trapping their kids. Mr Kirby did a real robbery in a fake robbery attempt. Some of the kids knew there no joke like this so they didn’t help him while some kids like Tom got in trap and was forced to help Mr Kirby in his other robberies for the sake of his family. One day straight arrow saw a stage robbery being done by all small kids except for one. He went to get them but caught only, the others ran away. The boy whom Straight arrow had caught was tom. Tom told straight arrow everything. On the other hand Mr Kirby took the train and went back East to save his life. Only mike knew where he had gone so straight arrow went to him and took Mr Kirby’s address. Mike did give him the address but also sent a warning to Mr Kirby through telegram. When straight arrow reached there, Mr Kirby’s men couldn’t recognize him as straight arrow was aware of the warning mike had sent and he appeared in white men clothes. Straight arrow followed Mr Kirby’s men and caught him at his hideout. He also called editors so they could see this and write a story on it. Later Straight arrow arrived back to his town with Mr Kirby as his prisoner.

Straight Arrow- Fangs of Justice

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Blaze: Indian hunting dog
Dorothy Morrison: young lady
Jabez Morrison: father of Dorothy Morrison
Coup: puppy
Ezra horn: outlaw
            Blaze, straight arrow’s dog saved coup from a puma. Straight arrow was happy for what blaze had done. He saw coup’s collar was tore with bullet. He was curious who it belonged to and why was he tried to kill. Straight arrow kept coup with him. Coup was a good company for blaze. Blaze taught him all the skills of hunting dogs to coup. One say straight arrow took both dogs for trading. Coup saw a man, Ezra and attacked him. Straight arrow was surprised to see this but he held back coup. Then at one night Ezra tried to attack straight arrow while he was asleep. Fortunately the dogs were awake. They attacked Ezra and straight arrow woke up soon. Ezra claimed that straight arrow left his dogs over him but the chief said decision will be made the next day. Ezra had gone before the next morning and was found in Jabez Morrison’s cabin when straight arrow went eastwards in search of some robbers. He caught Ezra and his men with the help of his dogs. Ezra told straight arrow this was Jabez Morrison’s cabin, and he had killed Jabez for his gold. He tried to kill coup too but he escaped. Ezra was straying in this cabin so he could do more robberies. Straight arrow caught him to hand him over to sheriff. He informed Dorothy Morrison about everything what had happened to his father. Dorothy took her father’s dog and went back to her home. Straight arrow and blaze were sad to see coup going away from them.