Straight Arrow 22

Straight Arrow- Steve Adams- Badman

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Molly: housekeeper of Steve
Nan fellows: daughter of Jim fellows
Buck, Andy: fake stage robbers
            Steve Adams tried to make Nan like him but she liked straight arrow. Steve Adams lost his interest in work. Molly and Packy made a plan. They arranged a fake stage robbery, Molly and Nan would be in the stage and Steve would come to rescue them. In this way Steve could make a soft corner in Nan’s heart. Everything was going right that unfortunately real robbers came and took molly and Nan with them for ransom. When Steve got to know about the plan of Packy and molly, and how the plan had twisted, he ran to rescue both ladies. Packy had places blanks in Steve’s gun but before he could tell him, Steve had ridden far away on his fastest horse. Steve followed the trail and found robbers. He tried to shoot them but failed. He flew towards sundown valley. Nan was very angry on Steve’s coward behavior. Robbers took both ladies to their cabin. Straight arrow followed their trail, reached the cabin and rescued molly and Nan. Nan was very happy to see straight arrow. Soon Packy arrived with sheriff and other men. They caught robbers while straight arrow tried to tell Nan that Steve is as good as him. This confused Nan.

Straight Arrow- The Luck of Loud Calf


Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Loud calf: chief of antelope band of Comanche
Barking tree: warrior of loud calf
Big drum: wealthiest of Comanche
Little dog: big drum’s warrior
Spotted horse: head chief of Comanche
            Loud calf was the poorest Comanche war chief. His men starved from hunger. Barking tree always discouraged loud calf.  One day, they were invited into a festival where all Comanche were to come. People took part in different games and won prizes. Since loud calf was poor and weak, so were his men, he lost all games. He wished he could be as strong as straight arrow, who played every game efficiently and bravely. Straight arrow noticed him and asked loud calf why is he at his back, what does he want from straight arrow. Loud calf expressed his desire to become as strong as straight arrow and make his people respect him. Straight arrow asked him if he knew how teach different things like buffalo hunt, to people. He asked if he had done anything that would make his people respect him. Loud calf knew nothing nor had he done anything which proves him a brave man. Straight arrow told him he would help him whenever he needs him. When tall calf returned to his village he told his people they are going to buffalo hunt. Unfortunately they failed to trap buffaloes and they ran into their village, destroying everything.  Big drum was watching this all. He laughed at loud calf. He went to him and took a few things from him. He raided different villages and left tall calf’s accessories there, so the people would think that loud calf is a thief. One day when loud calf and his men came back after getting their ponies stolen, they were called by spotted horse. He accused loud calf for doing all robberies. Loud calf spoke for his innocence but no one listened to him. Straight arrow arrived and helped loud calf find the real thief. He tricked the people and caught the real thief, big drum. Straight arrow followed him to his hideout and found all stolen stuff there. He exposed big drum. Loud calf returned back to his village with honor.  Now his people became active and the tepees started to fill with food and robes.

Straight Arrow- Trail by Fury

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Sam, matt: white men
Grey dog: renegade
Ben Markham: Lieutenant
Jim: brother in law of Lieutenant
Susan: sister of lieutenant
            Some thieves, led by chief grey dog, attacked a wagon train. When straight arrow stepped forward to get them, white men thought straight arrow was leading them. They started firing him. Straight arrow took a nearby horse and ran after grey dog and his men, who had ran away when they saw army approaching them. Unfortunately fury was caught by the army men. Straight arrow ran after grey dog and asked his men to word under him instead of coward grey dog who got afraid of army and ran away. Grey dog said why they would join a man who couldn’t even look after his horse. Straight arrow challenged him he would meet him with his fury, two days later, in canyon. Then he went to his town as Steve Adams and got fury by a trick. On the other hand, lieutenant had gone to visit his married sister. Suddenly grey dog and his men arrived there and attacked them. Straight arrow reached there on time and saved lieutenant and his family. Grey dog’s men were astonished to see straight arrow on his fury, the left grey dog and agreed to work under straight arrow. When lieutenant heard that straight arrow was not the real leader, he was shocked how he had been mistaken. Straight arrow handed over grey dog to lieutenant and told him that he would lead and make these people good men.