Straight Arrow 3

Straight Arrow- Points of Horse

            This page explains the parts of a horse or any other grazing animal. These parts include face, forehead, pole, crest, mane, withers, back, loins, hip, rump or croup, quarter, tail, hock, pastern, coronet, heel, gaskin, flank, barrel, belly, girth, elbow, foot, fetlock, cannon, neck, upper throat, cheek, lower lip, upper lip and muzzle.

            The noticeable characteristics of Indian horses consist of long tails, broad groups and quarters, thick strong necks broad between ears and eyes, thick hair on fetlocks, short barrels and broad heels.

Straight Arrow- The Killer Bear!


Steve Adams:  Straight arrow

Packy: Steve’s close associate

Homer Burke: A miner

Fury: Palomino 

            Homer Burke was a miner who killed a bear unintentionally. He adopted the baby of tat bear thinking it would give him good fortune, but nothing like that happened. This made him a fiercer person. One day he saw a miner getting gold, he got an idea. He tamed his bear to handle and kill the miners; meanwhile he robbed all their gold. The whole village was afraid of the present situation. Steve and Packy heard in a hotel that it’s a bear that is doing it all. Steve said that there might be someone behind it, what a bear would do of the gold. Homer Burke was listening it all too, he thought it was risky to continue like this so he placed some gold in Steve and Packy’s room and informed the management about it. Soon both of them were imprisoned. Steve and Packy escaped the jail by successfully making an explosion. Steve transformed into straight arrow and went on expedition to the forest with fury. He tied honey pots in forests to make a trap for bear. He finally caught the bear and had a fight with it. To his surprise, the bear didn’t fight after being wounded. Now straight arrow was sure that this bear is tamed and has a leader. He followed the bear and found Homer Burke to be behind all these crimes. Straight arrow was attacked by Homer Burke but he managed to save himself. Justice was done and Burke was imprisoned.

Straight Arrow- The Doctor of Medicine Hat!


Steve Adams:  Straight arrow

Packy: Steve’s close associate

Sullivan: A doctor

Giddap: A robber

Bronc: A robber

Ed Haskel: A robber/Mary’s brother

Phelps: A person pretending to die

Mary Haskel: Ed Haskel’s sister

            Doctor Sullivan was riding on his horse when three men attacked him. Steve and Packy on hearing gun shots reached that place and rescued Doctor Sullivan.  The three men, Giddap, Bronc and Ed Haskel told him that the doctor had shot Phelps. The doctor kept begging for his innocence. Steve and Packy told the three men that they are taking him to the town and the law will decide what to do with him. The three men headed to the town while Steve along with Packy, took Packy to his cabin. There they saw gold nuggets in doctor’s pocket. Packy suspected that maybe he killed Phelps for gold nuggets or maybe he didn’t. Anyway, they left him there and rushed towards town. When the three scoundrels saw that Steve and Packy have come to town without Doctor, they attacked Steve, who managed to save him. Steve transformed into Straight arrow and went to Doctor’s cabin to find any clue of Phelps. Straight arrow found no clue and was sure that doctor was innocent. Straight arrow set off to find the body of Phelps when he found a girl lying on ground. It was Mary Haskel. Straight arrow took her to her house and went to get the doctor for her. When he reached doctor’s cabin, it was empty. He went to search for him. Then he saw the three men attacking him again. He rescued the doctor and shouted on the three men that Mary is ill, she needs a doctor are they are beating this life saver. Suddenly one of the three men, Ed Haskel asked both scoundrels to get off the doctor and let him save his sister’s life. Yes Mary was Ed’s sister. After the doctor prescribed medicine for Mary, Ed told straight arrow that doctor is innocent, Phelps is alive and was pretending to die so they can explore where doctor got those gold nuggets from. Ed said he has learned the lesson that a person can’t get rich by hurting their loved ones. Giddap and Bronc were imprisoned for their deeds.

The Fire Medicine


Deerhorn: Warrior

Red kettle: Medicine man

Crow: Thief

Dog killer: Chief

            This story is about a rich warrior, Deerhorn. He was as rich as the chief, Dog killer. Nobody in the village was as rich as they were. The medicine man, Red kettle was always jealous of Deerhorn for his wealth. He was Deerhorn’s biggest enemy. He told the people in village that Deerhorn was about to die in two days. The chief warned Deerhorn for going out of the village until he gets his medicine bag. Deerhorn had lost his medicine bag while fighting with twelve people at Pawnee Fork. He was very angry about what Red kettle had done. He knew red kettle is greedy for his wealth and he wants him to die so he can take over all his wealth. All night Deerhorn kept walking. On the fourth hour after moonrise, he saw a blanketed man near Red kettle’s tipi. He went to him and told him that he knows he was coming out of Red kettle’s tipi.  Dog killer also came and asked the truth from crow. Crow told him that that Red kettle wants Deerhorn’s medicine bag as he hates Deerhorn. He wants to become rich as Deerhorn. Crow told them that Red kettle had planned to place Deerhorn’s medicine bag under the body of chief. Then he would order to kill Deerhorn, Red kettle will take all the wealth of both of them and become rich. Red kettle kept saying that it isn’t the truth but crow said he isn’t lying. Deerhorn had a way to test the truth. He claimed that if his lost medicine bag is brought back to him, he will show living fire from it. Both, Crow and Red kettle said that there is not living fire in the bag. When Deerhorn got the bag, he caught drawstrings in his fingers then yanked them apart. The bag opened and a column of living fire leaped out. Everyone saw it and Dog killer told Red kettle to make prayers to his gods as a club warrior will visit him at dawn. Deerhorn felt a relief and was free to organize a war party. Deerhorn was thankful to Nez Perce for telling him a trick to of yellow sulphur which white men used to cover with sulphur so they can flame the fire with a small spark. When the drawstrings made of steel and flint, were brought closer, a spark occurs and yellow sulphur flamed.

Straight Arrow- Bow Tips

            The arrow, with its odd colored feather up, is held lightly between two fingers on the bow. The arrow fork straddles the string. Stand this much close to the target that even the wrong shot gets him. Shoot for the bull’s eye not for outline. Efficient shot can be achieved by pushing the arrow.aim in two seconds and release arrow in a thrust. Avoid prolonged aiming.

            Place arrow in the bow, fix it between two fingers and pull it back. A cocked bow is carried while hunting. Keep practicing to become an efficient aimer. 

Straight Arrow- The Traps of Terror


Steve Adams:  Straight arrow

Packy: Steve’s close associate

Palohayo: A Cheyenne

This story is about a wounded Cheyenne Palohayo. Steve and Packy rescued him from a horse.  Paloyaho was badly hurt he told Steve that he is a Cheyenne and handed over a stone to hum saying it is very important. Steve asked Packy to take him to the ranch meanwhile he transformed into straight arrow. He heard people talking that Cheyenne are the robbers of their fox fur. Steve went to convince them that red man are innocent but they were to angry to listen to him. When Packy met Steve, he told him that Paloyaho had gone into coma for 2 3 days but before that he has told him about white men robbing fox furs. He was following them to their hideout when the robbers saw him and caught him. They beat him and punished in Cheyenne way so they don’t become suspects. Straight arrow went to white men who were planning to attack Cheyenne, and told them that Cheyenne are innocent and he will bring them the real robbers. When Steve came across real robbers, he said them that he’ll take them to real robbers. The robbers followed him and laughed as the thought straight arrow doesn’t know they are robbers; but to their surprise, they were tricked. Straight arrow knew they were thieves; he attacked them so did they. Straight arrow’s head hit on a rock and he became unconscious. In the mean time some people came and these robbers put the blame of stealing furs on straight arrow. When straight arrow came into his senses, he was trapped but he knew it wasn’t easy to convince them about his innocence. So straight arrow escaped on his fury. He passed accords a waterfall where he saw stones same as the Paloyaho gave him. He had discovered the hiding place of robbers. He jumped into the waterfall and found robbers on the other side. He caught them and brought them to white men. He told them some stolen stuff belongs to Cheyenne. White men told him that Cheyenne can take their belongings and will not face any inconvenience again.