Straight Arrow 23

Straight Arrow-The Peace Breakers

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
George crook: general
Ganasse: war chief
Markham: Lieutenant
Behan: Sergeant
White moon: brother of the fawn/ Comanche warrior
            Straight arrow took the renegades along him, those who at first used to work for grey dog. Straight arrow asked each one of them why they chose the wrong path. After listening to their stories, straight arrow learned that pride means alot to these people. He arranged games and he himself played along them. He showed them that he is more brave, courageous and strong then all these men and even grey dog. The renegades were astonished. They honored straight arrow and agreed to work under his leadership from now onwards. Suddenly, they saw fire smoke coming from far away. It was apache; they had cut all communication wires of white men and planned to attack them while other red skins had gone to attend peace meeting with white men. Ganasse, the war chief, didn’t wanted peace. He attacked the US army. Sergeant believed that only good Indians are the dead Indians. He and his fellows fought bravely with apache but they were too less in front of hundred apache. Eventually, straight arrow arrived with the renegades. They defeated apache and Straight arrow rescued sergeant. Finally, they had succeeded in overcoming the apache. Sergeant was surprised how red men had saved his life and as he said, he ate his own words.

Straight Arrow- Satan’s Desperadoes

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Nan fellows: daughter of Jim Fellows, who likes straight arrow
Tioga: Comanche
Red wing: daughter of running calf
War horse: member of Quohada Comanche
Old dog: soldier
Mesquite Molly: house keeper of Steve Adams
            Tioga made red wing go with straight arrow at his place. When straight arrow realized that it’s not Tioga but red wing who was travelling with him, he inquired why she did that. Red wing told straight arrow that she wanted to meet war horse, as she wanted to marry him and not old dog. Straight arrow agreed to help her meet war horse. She kissed straight arrow. Nan saw it all and thought straight arrow was going to marry red wing. Then straight arrow completed his mission and went to sundown valley to transform into Steve Adams. When Nan was riding back to her place, some rustlers shoot her. Luckily Steve met her on time and saved her. Nan apologized him for her behavior and asked him to have dinner with her. Steve agreed. Nan didn’t know how to cook so she took help from Molly. Steve knew molly had made dinner but he didn’t say this. Instead he said that such a good cook should have a great husband. On hearing this, Nan decided cooking from Molly. Next day, she found that her steers were stolen. She asked Steve and Packy to help meanwhile she would cook some food for them. Steve spread mustard on the land. Steers smelled it and came near it. In the meantime Nan made biscuits and served them to Packy and Steve, but they were too hard to eat. Packy hid all the biscuits in his shirt so they don’t have to eat them. Steve showed Nan when her buffaloes had come, smelling the mustard. Suddenly the rustlers arrived and shoot Packy. Steve and Nan got them covered. Fortunately red wing and war horse came and rescued three of them by fighting with rustlers. Steve was sad for Packy but suddenly he got up, he was alive. The hard biscuits in his shirt had prevented the bullet to hit him. Now Packy was safe and Nan got her steers back.

Straight Arrow- The Discussion?

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Bransard, stokes: railroad runner
Red hand: chief of Comanche
Swift foot: Comanche
            Bransard and stokes wanted to run railroad on knob hill but red hand, Comanche chief claimed it’s the territory of red skins. Bransard showed map to the US army. According to the map, knob hill was South of the 34th parallel. This meant it was white men’s land. Red hand was not willing to give up his land for these liars. He said he would fight to protect his land. Steve Adams and Packy were listening it all. Steve also believed red hand was right but he had no way to prove it so he decided to fight the war as a red skin. He went to sundown valley and transformed into straight arrow. He was recalling his pleasant childhood memories that suddenly he remembered something. He remembered he used to play on knob hill as a child and no one ever asked him to get off it. It meant knob hill is the land of red skins. Straight arrow rushed towards railroads surveying office to lend sextant but Bransard didn’t wanted it to happen so he shoot straight arrow. Straight arrow burst with anger. He beat them, took the sextant and went to lieutenant. He asked his to use it to see who the real owner of knob hill is. When the Lieutenant surveyed the land, he found it to be north of 34th parallel. It was the land of red skins. Bransard and stokes lied and hence they were punished for their deeds. Fortunately the fight was prevented. Red skins and white men, both were in peace again.