Straight arrow 24

Straight Arrow- The Dragons of Doom

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Dreaded thunderbird: monster
Little tableland: Comanche warrior
            Dragon thunderbird was the ancient enemy of red skins. A Comanche warrior guarded his village for centuries. Now the time came when dreaded thunderbirds, huge creatures with eagle like face appeared again. The Comanche warrior instantly made fire to warn his people. They Comanche warriors ran for their lives. Straight arrow ordered them to fight bravely rather than running cowardly. They followed him but unfortunately many were killed in doing saw. One of the thunderbird lifted straight arrow in his claws and flew away. Straight arrow tried to kill it but it was too strong. Then he aimed at his neck. It died and straight arrow landed safely with the help of a trunk. Straight arrow had a plan. When the thunderbirds flew away, he collected all the rocks at an edge such that if one of them is removed, land sliding occurs. He waited for the thunderbirds to come back. When they were asleep, straight arrow killed some of them while guiding the rest of them into a cave. Then he went out from a small hole and made that land sliding occur. Now the opening of cave was closed. Thunderbirds would die of starvation soon.  Comanche will be safe from the dreadful attacks of thunderbirds now.

Straight Arrow-The Brave who Hated Straight Arrow


Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Black snow: warrior who defied Comanche code
Yellow dog: Arapaho
            Black snow always defied the codes of Comanche. For this he was punished to do the tasks for women so he would learn submission, but he lost his temper while some Comanche were laughing at him. He ran away from his tribe. Straight arrow found him in forests but he said he hates him as he would take him back to his village. Straight arrow told him he won’t do that as he is on a mission to kill tiger who hunted his buffaloes. He asked black snow to follow and obey him. This made him angry and he disobeyed him. Due to his silly mistake the tiger regained and jumped down. While straight arrow was fighting with the tiger, two Arapaho came and took black snow with them. They tied them to torture stake but before they could kill him, straight arrow reached the village by following the trail. He rescued black snow and rode away on fury. Since fury was taking two men on him, the single men horses were coming nearer to them. Straight arrow asked black snow to go away with fury meanwhile he would fight these Arapaho. Black snow disobeyed him for the last time, but this time, to save his life. He stroke arrows from the other end, to mislead Arapaho. Straight arrow took the horse and rode with him away from Arapaho. Black snow realized his mistake. He promised he would go back to his village and obey all the codes of Comanche.

Straight Arrow- The Vanishing Buffalo

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Tioga: Son of Red Dog
Grey smoke: Comanche medicine man
Heavy hand: chief of Pawnees
            Tioga was a naughty boy who kept teasing grey smoke from one way or the other. When he knew this time he won’t be spared by grey smoke, he ran away from the village. Straight arrow caught him and told him he would take Tioga with him to teach him how to be friends with everyone. These days’ buffaloes were not coming from north. Comanche were worried. Their cooking pots were waiting for tasty buffalo meat. Straight arrow and Tioga went towards north to see why the buffaloes were not coming. They saw Pawnees had trapped all the buffaloes. Unfortunately the Pawnee men caught sight of these Comanche warriors. Straight arrow and tioga had no option other than fighting with those Pawnee. Straight arrow and Tioga sent their horses with a message to Comanche village. While fighting Tioga fell down the edge. Luckily, he took hold of a rawhide. With the weight of Tioga, the gate opened and all the imprisoned buffaloes ran away. This scared Pawnee horses and they became out of control. Straight arrow helped Tioga regain. Soon Comanche people came as they had seen the trial of straight arrow and message which fury brought to them. Pawnees gave up. Straight arrow forgave them and warned them not to do this again. Now Comanche could hunt buffaloes again and enjoy the great taste of buffalo meat.