Straight Arrow 21

Straight Arrow-Bloody Bridge

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Hungry horse: Cheyenne war chief
Tioga: young boy
Running dog: Comanche
            Crows were known as the greatest pony thieves. One day they raided and stole ponies of Comanche. Hungry horse, the war chief of Comanche fought alone with the crows but unfortunately he got wounded and fainted. When he came back into senses, he realized that his leg wasn’t working. He crawled all the way to his village. When he reached there, he heard people talking about his useless leg. He thought he should die as he had become useless and unable to fight against enemy warriors. He went away. Tioga, a young boy heard running dog talking about killing hungry horse and becoming the war chief. Suddenly running dog caught his sight and followed him to get him. Straight arrow arrived and saved Tioga. Tioga told him about the evil intentions of running dog. They both went to find hungry horse. Straight arrow uttered some words and hungry horse thought it was Wakan tanka asking him to not to die. Hungry horse stood up and strengthened himself. Eventually some crow warriors appeared. They were the same crows who had stolen ponies of Comanche. Straight arrow sent Tioga to bring the Comanche here. Straight arrow and hungry horse fought with the over confident crow warriors on the bridge. They defeated them. Soon Comanche warriors came and fought with the remaining crows. Hungry wolf was very proud of himself that he had saved his people despite of his broken leg.

Straight Arrow- The Story of Fury

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Knee-deep: mother of fury
Ka’aba: father of fury
One eye: evil man
Long lance: Comanche warrior
            This is a story of golden palomino, fury who used to live happily with his mother and father. One day straight arrow took him with him and gave him all the love he could give. He trained him gently. Straight arrow and fury were more like friends. They won battles together. One day a tiger cat attacked fury but straight arrow saved fury. On another day, one eye, an evil man scared people of his evil spills and took his desired items from them. When he saw fury, he wanted to take it too, but straight arrow refused to give it to him. He gave a spell that Comanche warriors will be attacked by a fierce animal. The same thing happened. Long lance was attacked by a fierce animal. Straight arrow tried to tell him it was a man dressed in animal costume, but long lance didn’t listen and got scared. Then same thing attacked straight arrow. Fury made noise to warn his master. Straight arrow fought with that costumed man and fury with the other two followed but the first one. They defeated those men and revealed the real face of one eye to the Comanche people.

Straight Arrow- A Friendly Foe

Steve Adams: owner of broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Jim fellows
Nan: daughter of Jim fellows
Mesquite Molly
Hank Morrison: Nan’s step uncle
            Steve Adams was accused for stealing steers of Jim Fellows and watering his herds. Steve tried to tell him it wasn’t Jim but he didn’t listen to him. Soon Jim Fellows was shot. He was in tje hospital. His daughter, Nan fellows came to see him. She slapped Steve Adams as she thought it was he who shot her father. Steve Adams had to prove him as innocent. He transformed into straight arrow and found the place where the stolen herds were kept. He went to Nan to tell her about it. Her step uncle, hank Morrison was also there. He went to get those stolen herds meanwhile straight arrow went to call sheriff. Hank Morrison, the step brother made a plan to kill Nan so he could get the hatchet ranch for being the only heir of it. Straight arrow understood the trick of hank. He went to molly to ask about Nan. She told him that Nan had gone to meet his uncle. Straight arrow went to her and saved her from dying by drowning in water. The real face of her uncle was revealed to her. Now she knew it was hank who betrayed his father and Steve Adams was innocent.