Straight arrow 31

Straight Arrow-The Treasure of Pedro Bomba

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Pedro Bombo: small fat man
Black mask: outlaw
            Straight arrow followed trail of black mask’s horse but when he caught the man, it was Pedro Bombo. Pedro Bombo told him he might be riding a horse of black mask but he found it from somewhere. They were talking when suddenly an arrow stroked around Pedro. Straight arrow realized someone was after them. They both rode away from that place. Soon straight arrow saw that those renegades were after the gold caravans. They attacked those caravans. Straight arrow was planning to go down and help prevent robbery that suddenly an arrow stroked near Pedro. Pedro’s horse got scared and ran blindly into the caravan of gold where renegades were going to steal it. Seeing him this way, the renegades got scared and ran away. In this way Pedro became a hero. After sending gold caravans safely to the fort, straight arrow was asked for help by colonel, as his people were sick and they feared about a robbery. Straight arrow agreed to help them. At night straight arrow saw black mask but missed him. He came to know that black mask is planning a robbery. The fort was attacked by outlaws but nobody knows how black mask looked like. Pedro and straight arrow were moving by that eventually they heard a sound. Actually it was the sound of fuse which black mask had made to do a blast using gun powder. Straight arrow broke that fuse. Then he went out and signaled Comanche people. Comanche warriors came riding on their horses, scattering all the renegades and making them run away. The fort was safe now. Colonel thanked straight arrow and Comanche for their efforts. On the other hand, Pedro took some gold and ran away. Black mask followed him, unaware of straight arrow, who was following black mask. This time straight arrow successfully caught black mask and gold was also safe. The gold which Pedro had taken with him was not real gold, straight arrow had made a trap to trick black mask.

Straight Arrow-The Invisible Terror

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Doc Benette: Doctor
Ed: Whiteman
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper of Steve Adams
Hungry bear: Osage warrior
            Straight arrow was becoming weak day by day. He was unable to fight against the raiders and robbers. Even doc Benette failed to find out real cause behind his illness. Straight arrow was very sad. He decided to spend his remaining life as Steve Adams. Hence he transformed into Steve Adams and went to his broken bow ranch. After some days Comanche chief came and told him that Osages, Lipan and apache have found them weak and are raiding them constantly. Straight arrow was always there to help them but now even he can’t fight for them. Molly have them some stuff and blankets but Steve Adams felt sad he couldn’t help them. One day Ed was encountered by a steer. He asked Steve Adams for help. Steve Adams knew he was weak but still he went for help. Surprisingly he was successful in saving Ed from that powerful steer. Steve Adams thought he had regained his strength. He went back to his tribe as straight arrow and told them they would fight Osages and bring back their possessions and women. Unfortunately when he was fighting, straight arrow felt weak again. On seeing this Osages laughed. Hungry bear challenged him to defeat him and take his possessions and women back. Straight arrow had no other option other than fighting. He noticed shiny material in his war paint and clothes. He changed his clothes and fought with hungry bear in Indian wrestling way. He successfully defeated hungry bear. Straight arrow realized something was dripping on his things in the cave. When that liquid dried, it became chemical and made straight arrow weak. Straight arrow changed the place of his things and soon regained his strength.

Straight Arrow- Satan’s Sanctuary

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Blinky: owner of hideout ranch
Packy was riding in search of steers that suddenly

            One of three men hit him with his riffle and left him there. When Steve Adams found him, Packy told him all what had happened to him. Steve was curious who those men could be. Soon he heard the news of a robbery by three men. Steve went to the place but those men started shooting on him. Steve followed them as straight arrow, while taking a lift on one of the running steers. The three men had been using the herd of steers to remove their trial. Soon they got to hideout ranch. Straight arrow reached there too but he couldn’t go out of the canyon as it was one way and guarded by many guards. He waited for the dawn.  Next morning he signaled Comanche people so they could come to help him. The three men saw him, caught him and tied with the rope. They were planning to escape. Straight arrow had to stop them in any case so the Comanche won’t miss them. Hence Straight arrow set the hideout on fire and escaped from it. The three men started to extinguish the fire as all their loot was inside it. Soon Blinky arrived followed by the Comanche. Straight arrow and Comanche caught the robbers and their supporter, Blinky, to take them to prison.