Straight arrow 44

Straight Arrow- The Shield of Sleepy Wolf

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Sleepy wolf: Comanche warrior
Sid, Jeb madden: outlaw
            Sleepy wolf went up the hill to make first vision on his shield. He was fasting from two days. Suddenly he saw and vision and drew it. While he was going back to Comanche village, Sid and Jeb madden stepped forward to kill him when they saw his shield. Straight arrows came on time and drive them away. Straight arrow was confused why they would kill sleepy wolf. Maybe something was wrong with his shield. Straight arrow borrowed the shield of sleepy wolf for some time. He searched in newspapers and realized that sleepy wolf had made a picture of stage robbery showing Jeb and Sid. Still straight arrow was confused how he came to know about the robbery while he was away from that place. Straight arrow inspected the place where robbery occurred and where sleepy dog was staying. He realized sleepy dog didn’t see a vision but a mirage which enlarged the scene of robbery happening and he drew it out. Straight arrow followed Jeb and came to know about his plan of robbing a bank. He went to sheriff and took him to the bank to show him robbery had happened. Then they reached Jeb’s ranch and caught him red handed. All the loot was revived and the leader of gang was imprisoned. Later on straight arrow returned sleepy wolf’s shield to him and told him how good it is as it helped in catching a man who was trying to kill him.

Straight Arrow-Champion of Evil

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Homestead: family head
Debby, Mike: family of homestead
Apache: tribe
Kiowa: tribe
Spotted hawk: Kiowa warrior
Deegan: colonel
Bitter root: enemy of straight arrow
Thunder cloud: Sioux warrior

            Straight arrow fought for peace and this increased his number of enemies. Straight arrow saved homestead family from apache warriors, soldiers from Kiowa and many other events of straight arrow’s bravery and courage are common. Bitter root was a bitter enemy of straight arrow. He called thunder cloud, a Sioux warrior to kill straight arrow. Thunder cloud agreed to kill straight arrow for a good reward as he thought he was a greater warrior than straight arrow. He first tried to trap straight arrow in canyon mouth but straight arrow escaped. Thunder cloud followed straight arrow for so long. Straight arrow was irritated and confused at the same time. He stopped to ask why thunder cloud wants to kill him but thunder cloud didn’t miss the chance and swiftly stroke an arrow on straight arrow. Straight arrow missed it as he was great in marksmanship. Then straight arrow used his arrow to break apart the lance of thunder cloud. Later he defeated him in fighting, using the technique taught by Packy. Thunder cloud was surprised. He had to agree straight arrow was a greater warrior than him. He gave up fighting with him and was impressed alot by him.

Straight Arrow- The Men who Frightened Straight Arrow

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper of Steve Adams
Black mike Carr: outlaw
Comanche Joe: renegade
Tioga: friend of straight arrow
Edward Harris: white man
            Steve Adams was once travelling with a man named Edward Harris. Suddenly black mike Carr and Comanche Joe came to kill him. Steve Adams stepped forward and drove them away. Edward told him they would one day come again and kills him for Edward used be a gang member who quit the gang to marry his girl. He turned state’s evidence against them. Edward was set free after his time but two of the members hung were brothers of these two renegades. That is the reason why they wanted to kill Edward. Steve Adams wanted to save Edward so he had to hide Edward and show himself as straight arrow. Also, whenever he came across the two renegades, he didn’t hurt them and went away. People thought he was afraid of them but actually he was waiting for the time when he could get the two renegades together. One day this chance came. Packy and molly signaled straight arrow to tell him where they two renegades were going. Straight arrow went there and got both of them to get them imprisoned. He told sheriff he pretended to be scared of them so he could catch them both together to save Edward. On the other hand, Edward was hidden under the costume of molly, a wig and pillows wrapped around him.