Straight Arrow 47

Straight Arrow- The Menace of the Grey Wolves


Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Swift deer: young Comanche
Hard eyes: Comanche warrior
            Swift deer was a young Comanche who was practicing to be a warrior. Suddenly he heard a weird sound. The herd was stampede. Swift deer was trapped and was afraid he would die. Fortunately straight arrow had heard his cries and reached him to rescue him. Two days later straight arrow again saved swift deer from dying of an avalanche. Straight arrow was sure now that somebody is trying to kill him. While he was inquiring the place, three men attacked him to kill him, but straight arrow outnumbered them. Unfortunately he didn’t see the faces of people in grey wolf costume. From then onwards straight arrow tried his best to stay near swift deer to keep him safe. Again swift deer was planned to be killed and again straight arrow saved him from falling off the edge of shore. Straight arrow inspected and followed the trail of foot prints he had seen on the spots were those wolves faced people arranged swift deer’s death. He showed their tepee to swift deer and chief. They found wolf costumes inside the tepee too. Straight arrow told chief the people planned to kill swift deer so they get tribute from others for not letting them die. Chief said he would punish those men.

Straight Arrow- The Telltale Beads

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Blue cloud: adopted Kiowa girl
Tioga: young Comanche
Dude Bradley: outlaw
            Blue cloud and Tioga frequently fought for keeping straight arrow with them. This time straight arrow said he would go for shopping with Blue cloud as it’s her turn now. Tioga was sad but still he went along them. Blue loved beads she saw there. Straight arrow took beads for blue cloud and a fishing pole for Tioga. Suddenly dude Bradley came and asked blue cloud for those beads. When blue cloud refused to sell it to him, he tried to snatch. Tioga stepped forward to deal with him but he was pushed by dude Bradley. Then straight arrow stepped in and gave a good lessen to dude Bradley. All three of them went back to Comanche village. Everyone was amazed to see beads of blue cloud but later they were stolen by Tioga so he could  compel straight arrow to go for fishing with him in return of these beads. Unfortunately dude Bradley came there and got those beads. When straight arrow and blue cloud came following Tioga, they found him tied with rope. They freed him and followed the trail to dude Bradley’s hideout. There they came to know that these beads were actually Morse code to tell dude Bradley when to rob which train. Suddenly dude Bradley and his men caught sight of these Comanche. They followed them. Straight arrow told blue cloud to move towards village, while he and Tioga would de track them. Tioga’s horse fell down so Straight arrow pulled him on his fury. Straight arrow and Tioga hid behind rocks. Straight arrow stampeded horses of those outlaws by throwing fire arrows. Then they rode on them and went ahead of those outlaws. When they reached them, straight arrow and Tioga welcomed them with riffles in their hand. The outlaws were finally captured and Straight arrow hid himself in a peaceful corner to prevent fights between Tioga and blue cloud.

Straight Arrow- Straight Arrow, Bandit!

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Baldy Collins: bandit leader
Slip Mulligan: bandit
            Baldy Collins and his men were robbing a bank that suddenly Straight arrow came and fought with them. Straight arrow caught baldy and handed him over to sheriff but unfortunately other bandits had escaped. Then one day, one of those bandits, slip mulligan saw Straight arrow going into his secret cave and coming out as Steve Adams. He thought it would be a good chance for him to become the leader of bandits. Slip mulligan kidnapped Packy and send a message to straight arrow to arrive at abandoned line cabin if he wants to see Packy alive.
Straight arrow went there and was told to rob a stage for them. Straight arrow followed their instructions and brought them money. Then he brought them gold so they could free Packy now but slip mulligan refused to free Packy. He wanted straight arrow to keep robbing stages to keep Packy alive. Straight arrow already didn’t trust them so he had given them specially made gold with smoke gas in it. Suddenly they blasted and smoke spread everywhere. Straight arrow fought with the bandits meanwhile slip mulligan got the money and gold, and ran away. Straight arrow caught those bandits and asked Packy to take them to jail while he followed slip mulligan and found him dead in desert. His greed had taken his life. Lucky that straight arrow didn’t trusted him and didn’t robbed in real but actually got a loan from sheriff and brought iron ore (fool’s gold) to those bandits.