Straight Arrow 32

Straight arrow-The Man without a Face

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
            There was a man without face in town, who robbed by coming in different appearances. The whole police department was worried how to catch the man without face. One day Steve Adams saw a stage being robbed. He went there and found the man without mask. He fought with him and was about to get him when suddenly the stage rider shoot Steve by mistake. Steve fell down. The faceless man robbed the stage and let it go. Then he put off his cloth and made Steve wear it so people think it was him doing all the robberies. When sheriff came to Steve, he thought him to be the culprit and imprisoned him. Steve had option other than to run away and find that faceless man to save Steve, as Steve was being thought of culprit when no more stage robberies occurred after that event. Steve escaped the cabin and transformed into straight arrow. He went explored the cloth and found blue hair in it. He went to search in the newspaper that which man had ever worked in indigo mines. When he got the name of man, he went to his ranch. Luckily that man wasn’t there at that time. Straight arrow went into the house and figured out where the loot was kept. As soon as that faceless man arrived, straight arrow caught him and handed over him to sheriff. Steve was proved guilt and was allowed to go back respectfully.

Straight Arrow- Trial by Battle

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Blue cloud: Osage maiden/ wildcat
Big feather: Osage warrior
Running deer: Comanche warrior
Hungry wolf: Osage chief
Dog tail: Osage

            Straight arrow saved an Osage girl, blue cloud from the Osage warriors. He took her to Comanche village so she could be safe from evil Osages. One day Comanche warriors went on buffalo hunt. Blue cloud was also there. Osages saw her and stampeded the buffaloes so they could run over the people and blue cloud gets killed. Fortunately straight arrow arrives on time and saves blue cloud. He asks her why Osages want to kill her. Blue cloud told straight arrow that she saw big feather kill hungry wolf to become chief himself. Hence to get rid of her, they want to kill blue cloud. Straight arrow had an idea. He and blue cloud went to the Osage village and told everything to the medicine man. Medicine man said a fight would be held between straight arrow and big feather. Whosoever wins will be considered as the truth speaker. Fight was held. Big feather tried his best to defeat straight arrow by giving him broken arrow and wet bow but straight arrow used wrestling techniques and won the battle. Big feather gave up and told the truth that he had murdered the chief. Now blue cloud was safe but she preferred to live as a Comanche in Comanche village.

Straight Arrow- Bait for the Hangman’s Noose

straight arrow: Steve Adams
Rock Grogan, buck Horner: thieves
Pedro Bombo: fat little white man
Red flame: owner of hideout village- friend of outlaws
            Red flame was loved by everyone. Rock, buck and Pedro, all wanted to get her. All three of them were always in search of ways to impress her. One day Pedro gave her an idea about how to select one of them three. He said that whosoever brings Straight arrow to her will win her. Red flame agreed as she also wanted to see and punish the straight arrow, the one who puts his outlaws in jail. At first rock tried to capture straight arrow but before that straight arrow caught him and sent him behind the bars. Next was the turn of buck. Same things happened to buck. Now red flame asked Pedro to bring straight arrow. She wasn’t expecting this but Pedro actually brought straight arrow. She had already gathered outlaws to see straight arrow being hanged. Before they could hang him, straight arrow put of loose rope and set his hands free. Soon sheriff came with his army and captured all outlaws along with red flame. Straight arrow told red flame that Pedro didn’t catch him but he captured Pedro and threatened him that he would put him behind bars if he didn’t help him. Furthermore, rock and buck were so angry at Pedro that they told her plan to straight arrow. In this way straight arrow made a plan to capture all the outlaws at one place.