Straight Arrow 38

Straight Arrow- The Mystery of the Missing Herd

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Long horn
Kitty: cow girl
            Straight arrow saw some people asking a cow girl about long horn’s horses. Straight arrow arrived, defeated those people and freed the cow girl. Then straight arrow asked the same question from the girl which made her suspicious and she hit him. When straight arrow

Woke up, the people whom he had fought with, gave him water. Straight arrow was amazed to see this. The men told him that he was mistaken. The girl was the real culprit who belonged to a gang of rustlers and had stolen them ranchers’ herds. Straight arrow was sorry for what he had done. He followed the trail and reached the place where that cow girl, kitty was. On arriving there, he came to know that he was not mistaken. These fake ranchers were actually the robbers who had killed kitty’s father and were after her herds. Kitty had hidden her herds here but it was too late now. The rustlers put straight arrow and kitty into a cave and closed the opening. Straight arrow lit fire and with the help of dancing fire he found out where the air was coming from. He digged a hole and jumped into the mine with kitty. They saw two hungry wolves approaching them but straight arrow defeated them and when they ran away, they followed them to get out of the cave. When they got out, straight arrow used his shirt and tree saplings to make a catapult.  He threw stones on the rustlers with the help of it. Then he went down on an iron mule and captured those rustlers for sheriff. The rustlers were caught and kitty’s herds were safe now. Kitty was grateful to straight arrow for his help.

Straight Arrow- The Saga of Bent Bow and Straight Arrow

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Packy McCloud: sidekick of straight arrow
Bent bow: young Comanche brave
Small willow: Comanche girl
Wart nose: bully
Little bear: brother of small willow
            Bent bow was in love with small willow. He tried his best to do all her work. Wart nose, a bully, left no chance to insult him and bully him. One day straight arrow and Packy visited Comanche village. Everyone including wart nose welcomed them with respect. Bent bow saw this all. When straight arrow and Packy had gone, bent bow went to the woods along with little bear and carved a mask of straight arrow’s face. Then put it on. He didn’t knew wart nose was seeing it all. Bent bow and little deer made a plan to rescue small willow from a fake bear. Little bear was pretending to be a fake bear but unfortunately a real bear took his place and entered the village. Bent bow defeated it bravely as straight arrow. Suddenly wart nose stepped forward and put of his mask. He bullied him again and drove him out of the village. Bent bow was heartbroken. Soon he met straight arrow and Packy who decided to help him. Straight arrow and Packy went to the village. Wart nose thought it is again bent bow who is wearing mask. He stepped forward to beat him but straight arrow gave him a good lesson. Then he again planned to attack from behind. This time, bent bow stepped forward and fought with him bravely. Poor wart nose begged him for his life. Small willow was delighted to see bravery of bent bow. Now they both were together. Straight arrow was glad he was able to help them.

Straight Arrow-The Abominable Snowman

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Slade: thief
            Slade and his gang robbed stage coaches by scaring the horses with an abominable snowman. One wounded stage coach driver went into the ranchers’ meeting and told them about the abominable snowman. Steve told them it’s the first appearance which this snowman had made. Steve went to that place to discover more about that abominable snowman. When he looked closely to the foot prints, he realized that some men are also working with the snowman. Suddenly Steve heard a gunshot. He came to know he was not welcomed to this place. The gun shot had made the avalanche fall. Luckily Steve was saved by the ledge. He hurried to the sundown valley and transformed into straight arrow. Then he went to the place from where next stage coach was to pass. As he expected, the snowman scared the horses. But this time straight arrow eased the horses and then went after the outlaws. He defeated all of them and ran after the last one, the abominable snowman. They fell from the hill where they fought and straight arrow outnumbered the snowman. Then straight arrow stroked his arrow and climbed up the mountain. Due to his weight, the snowman couldn’t climb. Straight arrow captured him to take him to the sheriff.