Straight Arrow 41

Straight Arrow-The Siege at Broken Bow!

Steve Adams: owner of the broken bow ranch/ straight arrow
Packy: sidekick of straight arrow
Mesquite Molly: housekeeper of Steve Adams
Bad eye: crow warrior
Lash Lennon, Mike, Jed: rustler
Fawn: Comanche girl
Tioga, white bird: Comanche people
            Lash Lennon’s gang captured mesquite molly and Packy and sent bad eye to another route to trick the posse. When Steve arrived following the trail, molly shouted to warn him about the rustlers. Steve understood and hid himself. Lash and his gang asked him to go back if he wants his friends to be alive. Steve had no option other than to obey him, so he left. Steve transformed into straight arrow and went to Comanche village for help. On reaching there, he came to know that all warriors have gone to buffalo hunt. Straight arrow asked fawn to find Tioga, white bird and some other women. Then he reached Lash’s hideout along with these Comanche. Lash laughed what these weak warriors could do to them. Straight arrow ordered the Comanche warriors to surround the hideout. Lash tried to keep straight arrow busy with him so bad eye could kill him. Fortunately straight arrow turned around at right time and caught bed eye. Then he said something in Comanche language to fawn and Tioga. They both entered the hideout from front, while straight arrow kept them busy at back of the house. Fawn and Tioga pointed their guns towards them. Lash and his gang were trapped now.

Straight Arrow-Straight Arrow’s Ride

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Black fox: crow renegade
            An army scout was prepared to capture crow renegades and their white leaders at  the pizen pass but before that he was caught by those renegades. They were about to kill him that straight arrow arrived and saved that army scout. The army scout told him everything. After rescuing him, straight arrow went on a journey to pizen pass so he could get those rustlers. He faced many troubles on his way, such as flood, wild pig’s attack, crow warriors attack followed by a dust storm. Finally he reached the place where these renegades were. Straight arrow transformed him into a totally different person by wearing flowers and garlands. The easily tricked and passed by the crows. Then he reached near white rustlers. Before they could do anything, straight arrow fired a lighted arrow to warn the people in wagons. They became alert and gave him a hand. Straight arrow caught all those renegades.

Straight Arrow-The Man who Chased Death

Straight arrow: Steve Adams
Red Bart Simons: outlaw
            Red Bart raided a stage and took doctor’s kit with him too. The kit contained a vial of germ which the doctor had brought to study them. Sheriff went to straight arrow to seek help from him so he could aid in preventing plague. Straight arrow followed and caught Red Bart while stealing money and food supplies. He asked him about the vial of germs. Red Bart told straight arrow that he had thrown it. He took straight arrow to the place where he threw it. The vial wasn’t present there. Somebody had taken it. It was a boy. A boy had taken it along him. Straight arrow saw the little footsteps of a child. He came to know that some emigrants had passed by here. He was also told that Kiowa rustlers are to attack those wagons. Straight arrow set of to find those wagons. Then finally he reached there but he was late. Kiowa had attacked them with fire. Straight arrow had an idea. He set prairies on fire to make a fire barrier between Kiowa and wagons. Soon Kiowa were out of reach of wagons. Straight arrow went nearer and reached that boy. He bought that vial from him, which he had kept with him as he liked the bottle alot. Straight arrow gave him real bows an arrow in return. The boy liked this exchange alot.